fic: dean’s fine, damn it

Title: Dean’s Fine, Damn It
Pairing(s): None/Genfic/Dean & Benny, non-sexual
Word Count: 3k
Rating: R/Mature/Not Explicit

Tags: enema, hurt/comfort, physical illness

Summary: Fill for the Anonymous Prompt
of Dean/Anyone, enema. Dean grudgingly receiving an enema for a medical
reason or something. Emphasis on how it feels to him, how full he
feels, etc. would be great. No actual non-con.

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Pairing(s): Dean & Ruby or Dean/RubyTags: fps, het, medical play, hospitalization, enema, dubcon/noncon, undercover, medical kink, humiliation, open to all kinksLink: spnkinkmeme Prompt:  Dean and Ruby have to go undercover in a hospital for some reason – Dean as a patient and Ruby as a nurse/doctor. While in there Ruby takes advantage of the situation …

Writing Tip: Enemas

I just read a fic where they stretched the guy’s asshole to three fingers before they pushed the enema nozzle in and the guy still winced. As an ass play lover, I feel the need to offer a little info.

A normal enema nozzle is so small and thin that a little dab of lube and you almost don’t feel it going in. No stretching needed.

With the wands you might feel it a little, but still they don’t require stretching, just some lube and a first-timer might grimace a little at the odd sensation.

Cut for Length

Bulbs require a small amount of stretching depending on the size, so maybe one finger with lube, then relax and it’ll slip in. There are larger bulbs available for fun purposes, and then yes, you need to stretch. Sometimes a lot. But these bulbs aren’t your average enema tool and are usually used by enema enthusiasts.

Some visuals below. The “regular” nozzle and the blue one in the middle of the right picture is actually slightly smaller in diameter than a pencil. The shower attachment nozzle is a little bigger, but still so small and smooth that it’s very easy to take without any stretching.

Here’s a typical enema kit that also works as a douche.

It’s also not super hard to keep the water in when you pull the nozzle out. If you’re already cramping and really want to evacuate the water, then yes you might be impatient, but your anal sphincter should easily hold the water back and it’s a good possibility you can walk from a shower to a toilet without accidents.

For the Tumblr Ask Box requests I saw on AO3, maybe Cas likes Dean to be real clean before their more intense/longer scenes so makes sure to shower/shave him etc beforehand, and he’s all gentle about it, sort of like aftercare but beforehand and likes to include an enema or two just to make sure Dean is squeaky clean before their scene?


Hi 🙂  I’ve got a few requests ahead of yours, but I’ll add it to my to-do list.

Tags/Warnings: Dean/Castiel, enema, shaving, fluff, no sex
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Title: Before

Dean didn’t like it.  At least not at first.  He didn’t see the point.  Sex was sex, which he really liked, but getting cleaned out and prepared?  No.  That was done in private and why would anybody else be interested in that?

“Almost done,” Cas says as he wipes the hair and shaving cream off the razor.

Dean’s spread out on the bed, naked with a towel beneath him, legs wide with Cas kneeling between them as he gently cleans all the hair away from Dean’s crotch.

But that’s just it.  Dean’s never had anyone do this for him.  He’s never had anyone interested in it.  But Cas loves it.  Cas takes his time, using soft touches and soothing words, all while Dean gets pampered.  And it wasn’t until Dean finally let him do it a time or two that Dean realized just how much he enjoyed it.

Sure, it was mostly for Cas, but Dean liked the attention, the clean shave, the very thorough moisturizing Cas would do so Dean wouldn’t get ingrown hairs, and the way Cas would talk to him while he was doing it.

“Are you too cold?” Cas asked.

“No, I’m good,” Dean said.  

Cas didn’t talk a mile a minute, and he didn’t really say anything of importance, but the softly-murmured words coming from Cas were soothing and relaxing and everything Dean didn’t know he wanted.

Dean moaned as Cas wiped him clean with a warm washcloth.  Nothing was ever cold.  Cas always used warm water, warm lube, warm tools, and he’d even warm the razor in his hand before using it on Dean.

“Roll onto your side,” Cas said, mostly rolling Dean into position himself.  "Relax for me.“

Dean was totally relaxed.  Cas didn’t need to tell him.  Cas spread his ass cheeks and lubed up his hole before gently pushing the tip of the enema hose into him.

“I’m starting the water now,” Cas said.

Dean closed his eyes as he felt the water flow into him.  It wasn’t shocking because it was warm, and he didn’t really feel it other than a sense of fullness that was getting more intense as Cas filled him up.

“You’re going to keep it in for three minutes before I help you to the toilet,” Cas said.

“Okay,” Dean said, smiling as Cas leaned down and kissed Dean’s hip.

“Any cramps?” Cas asked, hand trailing over Dean’s stomach.

“Not yet,” Dean said.

Cas gently massaged Dean’s stomach with his left hand while holding the enema tube with his right.  Dean hissed as the first cramp hit, and Cas eased back on the flow of water.  Dean couldn’t feel how fast it was coming out of the tube, but he knew Cas well enough to know that Cas had rolled the little wheel forward, closing off the tube so only a trickle of water was running into him, giving him a chance to adjust to the water.

“Is it better yet?” Cas asked.

“Yeah,” Dean said, nodding.

Cas rolled the wheel backward, the flow of water increasing and soon enough Cas patted his hip.

“Squeeze.  I’m going to take it out now,” Cas said.

Dean did as he was told, and managed to hold the water as Cas pulled the tip out of his hole.

“Time starts now,” Cas said, fingers trailing over Dean’s skin, always touching, always caressing.

Kisses down his spine, over his hip, along his side, down his arm, and even the tips of his fingers are kissed.  Dean doesn’t remember when this became something he craved or even allowed in the first place, but he doesn’t know what he’d do without it anymore.  What he’d do without Cas.

“Time’s up,” Cas said, climbing off the bed and helping Dean up.  "We’ll take a shower, get all clean before I make you all messy again.“

If someone had told Dean a few years ago that subspace could be found without pain, he wouldn’t have believed them.  But as he sits down on the toilet, quiet and obedient, letting Cas stroke his hair, murmur encouraging words, and kiss his forehead, Dean forgets about everything else for a while and just lets Cas worry about it for him.