new fic: it fades

Happy Birthday, @samanddeaninpanties!

Pairing(s): Sam/Dean/Meg in various combinations and they have fun with OMCs and OFCs.
Word Count: 4k
Rating: NC-17/Explicit/Adult
Tags: noncon, dubcon, incestkink, fucking, blowjobs, humiliation, sexinpublic, voyeurism, exhibitionism, murder, torture, eventual boyking!Sam, eventual demon!Dean, fingering, eating out, rimming, deals/fix-it, object insertion, spanking, dark fic

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A/N: This is a birthday fic for Tori, and it’s a little long to post here, so check it out on AO3 🙂

Fic Recs: Majesticduxk

@majesticduxk writes a lot of spanking fic, and as you may have noticed I really like spanking fic, so I simply have to rec some stuff.

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Savage Dragon – This is very odd, but in a good way. Sam/Dean and DRAGONS!

Their First Christmas – Castiel/Gabriel/Lucifer, again very different, but so fluffy and cute and… yeah it’s adorable!

To Make a Nest – Lucifer/Gabriel/Castiel/Michael/Sam/Dean ABO AU with lots of sex and feels and fluff!

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I compartmentalize so well that if I’m reading a discipline fic and it suddenly turns into an erotic spanking when I wasn’t expecting it, I kinda pause and go, “Hey! Wait!  What the fuck are you…  Oh.  I like erotic spanking.  Uhm.  Never mind then,” and i start reading again, all happy because i like erotic spanking too.

what is it you like about being spanked? and spanking other people? if you had to choose, is there one you have a preference for?

Just a heads up that this will get into TMI territory for some, so move on
if you don’t like NSFW details.  I’m gonna put it under a cut.

There are multiple aspects of spanking I like.  I’m really into pain, both mine and other people’s.  The wincing, gasping, squirming, flinching, yelping, shivering, and (if you take it far enough) the crying.

Now from here on out I’m going to have to separate it into two different sections because there is a clear difference for me between erotic spanking and discipline spanking.  I love them both for different reasons, but they’re completely separate in my head and give me different feels.

1.  Erotic Spanking:  Pain is a turn on for me, as is impact play, and I can come just from pain if it’s done right.  I can come from being spanked.  I can also come from spanking others or even watching them get spanked by someone else.  Erotic spanking for me can be completely separate from BDSM or it can be a part of it.  I’m good at compartmentalizing 😀

Oh, and I love the warmth that radiates from a freshly spanked ass.  Using a strap-on to fuck someone’s ass and every time you thrust you feel that warmth?  Hell yeah!  Or how sensitive someone’s skin is after they’ve been spanked?  Running your fingers over it, scratching with your nails, rubbing your lips over the hot skin, biting, licking… Yeah!  I love seeing marks on other people and I love people leaving marks on me – short-term not long-term.

2.  Discipline Spanking:  It’s NOT a sexual thing for me, and I like any form of it. I love the feeling you get in your stomach when you’re in trouble, the build up, being held down until the pain makes you cry, the release that happens with that crying, the ache/discomfort you can feel for the rest of the day or a little longer if it’s a harder spanking, the calmness I feel for up to three days after it (when I’m the one that got spanked).  I love being on both sides of discipline spankings.

When it comes to fic, I love fully consensual, dub-con, and non-con discipline spanking of all ages, but again it isn’t sexual for me, doesn’t turn me on at all.  I also love erotic spanking in fic, and that DOES turn me on.  Again, I compartmentalize all of this.

If I had to choose between all of the above, I’d pick receiving a spanking for discipline (either as roleplay or because I really deserved it).  I love all the aspects of it, and it’s my favorite kind of fic to read too.