Ooh, how about electrostim for the dictionary? That would get you an E in the list and there’s plenty of people who have never heard of it :)


E is for Electrostimulation…

Electrostimulation: or (e-stim) is a practice involving the application of electrical stimulation to the nerves of the body. Erotic e-stim is the use of electrostimulation in an erotic or sexual manner (usually focused on the genitals) in comparison to the more painful applications of it that can be applied through BDSM play.  The general rule for electrostimulation is ‘only below the waist’.

Warning: Electrostimulation, when misused, can cause:

-Tissue damage and mild to severe burns (from a lack of lubrication or bad contact between electrode and skin)

-Cardiac arrest i.e. (interference with normal heart function, potentially death).

Do not place the electrical contacts in  a way that current passes through the chest, use improper or ‘home made’ electrodes or purchase from untrustworthy, unprofessional sources.

Always research the hazards, limitations, and techniques of electrostimulation and the devices used.


Dean’s very excited because his long-time boyfriend and Dom has been planning this scene for weeks. It’s always been something he’s wanted to try, but never felt comfortable (safe) with any of his other doms or playmates until he met the love of his life; Castiel.

But it’s finally happening, finally. Everything’s prepped and ready, they’ve both done the research (as much as Dean hates research) planned out the scene to a T (which normally Dean would feel takes a bit of the spontaneity out of it, but for their first time Cas insists on not having any surprises) and now Dean is lying on the bed, pretty purple panties pulled down around his ankles, a little bit like a bind.

Cas was leaning over him, busy attaching the two electro pads to Dean’s cock, one just under his swollen head, the other close to his base. Cas had already checked all of the electro-pads and toys for exposed wires, but he re-checked them again. Once satisfied they were safe he made sure to fit them closely to Dean’s shaft.

Dean moaned with the attention being paid to his cock, though it was more mechanical than sexual.

They’d tossed up the idea of attaching a pair of pads to Dean’s balls, but Castiel had taken Dean by the chin and tilted him up into a kiss, licking into his mouth only to say “we have all the time in the world to try everything, Dean” in a low thunderous purr and well, who was Dean to argue with that kind of logic? A part of him wanted to savour it anyway, not have it all experienced in one sitting.

He was already filled up. The black dildo between his cheeks had two long black wires falling across the mattress, hooked up to the power box by the foot of the bed. Dean was lubed up liberally, for one to help ease the insertion of the dildo, for the other to improve the conductivity. The same treatment had been given to the rest of Dean’s skin.

With his cock smothered in KY, and with wires and pads attached all over his thighs and crotch at all the sensitive points, Dean stared up at Cas naked above him, drawing in a shaky breath when Cas smoothed his hands and the gel over his inner thigh, fitting the last of the electrodes, and leads in place. Cas knew the details, and though he’d spent quite a bit of time explaining it to Dean, all Dean could see from his vantage point was a series of paired wires that everything below his waist was jacked into.

Nothing was turned on yet, but Dean still felt- with every shift of his hips, nudging the still dildo inside of him- as though his skin was tingling. It’s tapered tip dug directly into his prostate, causing a consistent thrumming sensation throughout Dean’s muscles, like fuzzy TV reception.

Cas seemed pretty content with taking his time to get Dean prepared.

“How are you feeling?” he asked.

It was a direct question, so Dean was allowed to answer. “G-good. Cas- I want-”

He closed his mouth with a small sound when Cas raised an eyebrow. After a moment of Dean’s silence, Castiel gave a forgiving nod. Brandishing the black e-stim box, he ran the tip of one finger along one of the dials.

The promise of something that could deliver the electrical current into him had Dean licking his lips. Cas picked up Dean’s dick and gave it a couple of gentle strokes. “Your safe word?”


Castiel lowered his eyes so his lashed brushed against the tops of his cheeks. He pressed a kiss to the head of Dean’s cock tonguing the slit, smearing his lips in pre-come. He didn’t bother to lick it off instead left his mouth looking glossy. Dean’s next breath was a shudder. “Your colour?” he asked.


Castiel nodded. He picked up the power box, eyes intent on Dean.

Dean didn’t realise he was nodding, his breaths a little trembly, shallow- he was excited, but nerves were licking at the tips of his fingers, skating up and down his spine.

“You ready?” Fingers over the power dial, thumb pressing over the switch.

Another question. “Yes.”

Cas turned the dial, flicking the switch with his other hand.

Buzzing. A little sharper than the vibration of a vibrator, a keener edge to it even with the power set low, buzzing through his legs and ass, settling a little firmer in his groin.

A soft sound of pleasure blew through Dean’s lips and then Cas started to play with the dials. Dean sucked in a breath like a gasp as the electrodes on the inside of his thighs grew in intensity. Castiel adjusted the other dials, teasing him, but when a particularly sharp shot fired around his cock, feeling almost like hands but something more alive, Dean’s knees sunk together, pulling the legs of his panties around his ankles to the point of worrying stretch.

“Feel good?“ Cas asked, his own voice a little rough.

Dean moaned. His cock jerked, dribbling filth onto Dean’s stomach.

An increase in the current, in Dean’s ass, on his skin around his cock. Dean squirmed his movements restricted by the wires, his panties and the electricity running through his veins, seizing him up.

“F-fuck!” Dean cried out. A series of grunts and moans escaping him. The buzzing was verging on painful and it was delicious, thrilling, it fired Dean up from the inside, causing him to bite back a scream and thrash about. The current on his prostate, doubled with the press of the dildo there when Cas reached down and gave him a few insistent thrusts. It was like there was a real cock inside him, but an electric cock. And hands covered in a thousand needles working his cock.

Distantly he was aware of how little control he had, his body convulsing, his cock jerking about as his muscles felt like they were falling apart. There was no use trying to last, the overwhelming sensation too much, there was a tightness forming in his balls, in his stomach. And when Cas put one hand on Dean’s stomach (in an attempt to keep him still as any more thrashing and he’d pull out the wires as much as it was a desire to touch him) and cranked up the power with his other hand just a smidgen more-

With the jerking of Dean’s cock, pulsing with electricity, come spurted out of him spectacularly, arching up wide into the air raining down on Dean’s chest and stomach, a great thick dollop splattered onto his chin, falling down the curve of his neck as Dean tilted his head back and screamed.

Dean swore that he blacked out, but he still felt everything. Cas’ hand smoothing down over him, using Dean’s own come to slick his hand and bring himself off.

Tingling, tingling tingling. Dean felt the power still running through him gentle but god, Dean felt raw. Dean was still twitching, his cock, his arms, the thick vein in his neck in time to the frantic pulsing of his heart.

“Wow,” Dean managed, every part of him prickling. “Fuck.”

Cas looked down on him, his expression ravenous, eyes so dark split down to the pupil that he looked almost demonic, the sight of it made everything in Dean flush. “Did you enjoy that boy?” he asked crawling up over Dean.

Dean made a move to wrap his arms around Cas’ neck, and when he couldn’t, made a needy sound in the back of his throat until his dominant got the message and brought their lips together.

YES!!! Very hot! Thank you for performing this public service so others can learn about the awesomeness that is estim while we melt 😀