The only issue with watching American shows is hearing herbs pronounced ‘erbs

it makes no sense

I’m American and it annoys me too. It should be herbs because there’s a fucking H in front of erbs.

The word herb began being used in the 1300s. It came from the Old French word erbe, which came from the Latin word, herba. When herb came into being, Latin had lost its H sound, and it also was not pronounced in French. So, originally, herb didn’t have the H sound. (Point one, Americans.)

Move ahead to the nineteenth century. Britons decided to go with a technique called “spelling pronunciation,” which means they pronounce the H in herbs because, as Eddie Izzard explains, “there’s a fucking H in it.” (Point one, Brits.) (x)

So basically America still uses the pronunciation from the Latin/French origins of the word but sometime in the 1900s the Brits said “screw that, we’re pronouncing the H”

Funnily enough, in the 1940-60s the male name Herb was semi-popular in America and we do pronounce the H for that. So if you’re talking about some herbs that are in the possession of a guy named Herb it’d be pronounced “Herb’s ‘erbs”

*licks your brain*

Oops, I mean likes. I likes your brain. Yes.

I never get turned on by people into etymology. NEVER!
Except I dooo!!!