replied to your post “noisy–brain
reblogged your photoset and added:His tongue is so long….”

Sam AND Dean should feel Cas’ perfect tongue! Or maybe they should fight for it? Heh. 😉

Whyyyyy would you do this to meeee!?!!?!

Wincestiel+Misha’s tongue+Sam 7 Dean fighting for the privilege of feeling that amazing tongue = Maya’s brain melts

and apparently makes me refer to myself in the third person

I do it because I cannot help myself 😉

Do you think Cas would silently watch them and see how the fight plays out? Would he try to offer helpful feedback (which would of course only result in distracting them further)? Or would he purposely tease them?

I’m not sure what’s better. Inexperienced and semi innocent!Cas or a depraved and demanding Cas who knows exactly what he wants.