@houseofglass I’m replying here instead of on that other person’s post you tagged me in because I don’t care to get into wank and already in the thread people were complaining and being bitter and getting their theories going.

The tattoo that was done on Jensen is done in a
style that heals EXTREMELY fast and easily. There’s a good chance he
didn’t swell or get red at all because only one color is used (possibly
some white added for highlights) and a lot of times people don’t even peel or need to take care of it afterward.

I usually swell the first day and have to really take care of my regular tattoos carefully for a week, especially if I have a long session, but when I get tattoos in this style I don’t even have to take care of it and I don’t swell at all. It’s almost like I didn’t even get a tattoo.

Also this style goes in very quickly. If this artist is fast and experienced (and he is) then this could’ve easily been done in 45 minutes. One of my artists (Lee) is ridiculously fast and could’ve done it in 20 minutes (I’ve never seen an artist as fast as Lee though).

When you have such a short session, your skin doesn’t even have much time to get red, and Cliff’s guy has been tattooing since 2003, so he has enough experience to know how to get tattoos in skin without causing a lot of damage.

A lot of the grumbling I’m seeing is people talking about healing time. If you guys are getting tattoos in ANY style and it’s taking more than a week to heal, then you have a shitty artist who goes too deep into the skin and doesn’t know what they’re doing.

If you’re getting tattoos in the style Jensen got and you’re taking more than two days to heal (two days would only be for people who have super sensitive skin or skin issues), then you’ve got a shitty artist.

My customers  walk out of my shop with a very mild sun-burn feeling and no healing time for this style of tattoo.

Beyond that, tattoos are personal. Jensen got his for his own reasons and in his own time and was proud to show the fans. He didn’t have to share it with us.