refugees shouldn’t be let into the US because weather

I only go on Facebook when i have to for the shop. Mostly I stay away because ew no.

But I just went on to check the account and saw a post about the hottest official temperature ever on record being hit and Facebookers somehow found a way to turn this into why refugees shouldn’t be let into the country.

But the creepy part is there was like NO discussion in between.

There was no “hey maybe they’re so hot they should come to the US and use our air conditioners” and then people jumping on that person or something like that.

Nope, it just went from 1) hottest temperature on record! to 2)REFUGEES SHOULDN’T BE LET IN THE US!1!!1!

Facebook is wild, man. Wild, I tell ya!

Jim Beaver just got banned from Facebook because of a misunderstood comment – a fan turned him in for hate speech.

This blows my mind because it took me FIVE MONTHS to get a page on Facebook taken down that had taken all my pictures from my shop and was claiming to BE MY SHOP and stealing my customers, but it was this guy we had fired.

It was painfully obvious the guy wasn’t me and it was also obvious he didn’t own the name of my shop or the shop itself. He used Photoshop to blur out the number (badly) and put his own phone number on the banner, yet all my logos and a bunch of my stuff was all over the page.

FIVE MONTHS of arguing back and forth with Facebook. I think they finally took it down just because I wouldn’t shut the fuck up about it.

A fan gets pissed over something Jim says and bam, banned from Facebook. Ugh.