I neither condone nor condemn ddlg (in fact I don’t even know what it fully entails), but those that hate it…. isn’t that kink shaming? And–um, kind of wrong? Shaming people for something they like? Because I was going through a great blog and then saw loads of ddlg hate…

I’m going to get a bit wordy here because this is something I feel strongly about and I think there are a lot of people out there who completely misunderstand, yet they don’t bother to try and understand, and then there are people like you and I who are open-minded and upset by things like this.

People are cruel. If they don’t like something or they think it’s wrong, they force their way of thinking onto everyone they can find, bullying their way into things. It’s something about humans that really disturbs me, whether I agree with their viewpoint on a particular subject or not.

Both the DD/lg and AB/DL (adult baby/diaper lovers) get a lot of hate because there are people who think the only reason you could be into something like that is because you’re a pedophile, because people think play/fantasy=reality.

The same people who refuse to see fantasy does not equal reality will go and play a game where they, for example, operate on a game character. They’ve just engaged in surgery/doctor role-play, yet they’re not the surgeon/doctor they were role-playing. What a concept, eh? 😉

Of course there are always some individuals out there who are into DD/lg or AB/DL play because they are pedophiles, but for the most part it’s adults who like to play with issues of control and a release of stress/control.

It’s the same concept as BDSM. There’s an interchange of control and power, one partner giving up that control in a safe and consensual way, the other taking that control with their partner’s happiness in mind. A caretaker situation and a symbiosis.

People don’t want to think about it in broad terms because they want to think that one way is right and the other is wrong, but interchange of control and symbiosis is everywhere in life, and a whole hell of a lot of women will enjoy the feeling of being wrapped in their “big strong man’s arms,” yet they don’t see a correlation between that and other forms of sensuality.  Almost everybody wants to be taken care of or to take care of somebody else whether it’s blatantly sexual or not.

I’ve been on both ends of domination/submission, dominant daddy/little girl, and adult baby/diaper lovers, and I’ve gotta say it’s amazing. When I’m the sub/little I can forget about all my stress and just let go. My real life is high stress, and to be able to relax and let somebody else take over for a while is flat out therapy. And it can be as simple as coloring with crayons while somebody sits and plays with my hair. I can feel comforted and let myself slip into a headspace of no responsibilities for just a little while.

On the other hand, if I’m the person taking care of a sub/little, I feel a huge responsibility and I make them feel as good as I can. It makes me feel good, they get a lot out of it, and we can both end a play session feeling refreshed and ready to face the cruel world the next day.

I tend to ignore the hate. We’re not going to change a bigot’s mind, no matter what the issue is, and in fact fighting them on it only makes their stance stronger because that’s human nature.

Their circumstances in life might change one day and they’ll realize how cruel they’ve been, but it won’t be because anyone has forced it upon them, and nothing should be forced on anyone anyway – that would be taking what they were doing and doing it right back to them.

If somebody doesn’t care to see that their viewpoint might be wrong or damaging, then why even bother yourself with them?

Block/blacklist phrases and people who are cruel or closed-minded and find communities and friends everywhere who are more open to just letting people be who they are. That’s what I do, and I’m thrilled every time I find another person who is willing to look at a kink or a situation they don’t personally like but are willing to let someone else enjoy it just because it’s a basic human right to enjoy things that aren’t damaging to others.

I’m sorry if the whole hate thing upset you, but the more people you meet and associate with, the more you’ll see how many people out there are not open, not accepting, and you have to protect yourself on a daily basis. It gets easier as you get older, but it can still be hard, especially if you have difficulty finding open-minded people in your area.

Finding people who are open-minded and accepting is the “cure” to how awful the hate makes you feel. It lets you know the world isn’t a completely horrible place and gives you some relief. Maybe someday people will evolve into more caring and open-minded beings, but until then enjoy the people who are already there 🙂

*hugs you*

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There’s still time. But it’s cool if you’re not up to it.

Though this is probably a good point to mention that the fic doesn’t have to be based on the film title used (it just needs to be called it) and that…

There’s an old psychological horror film called “The Night of the Hunter”? It’s actually a film used by Sam in 11×02…

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