I’m feeling so sad right now, several of the people that I follow and talk to have said some variation this past week of that they’re not in the fandom anymore or they’re not writing anymore because they don’t have inspiration or that season 12 is just so bad for them that they’ve cut cold turkey. It’s like I get into the fandom meet all these people and now they’ve just left. What do I do?




There are THOUSANDS of people out there that loved season 12 and are really excited for the next season, you just have to look for them! Check out all the awesome people posting on @spnhiatuscreations and such and look for people in the tags! There’s lots of love still around.

shameless self promo here but I loved season 12 so much and am DAMN excited about s13, and have started a podcast if anon wants to listen! All of us hosts are fairly positive people, and we post our episodes every monday on soundcloud and itunes!

If anon is so inclined they can go to @superspecpod and take a look! 😀

Fandom is a weird place like this, too. It seems that every year there’s both an influx of new people just beginning to explore, as well as folks who have just fallen out of the fandom for whatever reasons. It’s not something new that’s only happening just now. Just like you, anon, there’s so many other people who’ve just joined in fandom during s12 who are just as excited to see where everything’s going in s13, as well as a huge group of folks who’ve still been around for years.

Fandom fluctuates constantly. Don’t despair! There’s loads of us here who are still passionate about the show, and happily still writing about it (both meta and fic). 🙂

I’ve been in fandom for almost 15 years, and in that time I’ve seen tons of good people come and go, move on to other fandoms, and new fandoms pop up.

I used to get really upset over it, but I just keep meeting new people and finding wonderful new things, and though I miss those people who aren’t around anymore, I do appreciate having known them and the content they produced.

Fandom is constantly evolving 🙂




Would people read a fic that basically was tagged with There is a lot of shit that happens that you may not like but here is a list of what Isn’t in it and if you want to read but have nopes you are concerned about message me and ask about specific nopes.

Cause I’ve got this idea stuck in my head now. And it’s not even something I personally would likely read. But it’s stuck. And tagging it properly would kinda just…ruin most of the story? But I kinda have a problem when people don’t tag certain things because they don’t want to spoil the story…but like if I was Warned?

I dunno. Opinions?

I replied in comments but signal boosting cause I think this is a good question, I bet there’s a pretty wide range of feelings on this topic.

I like the “vague warning with bolded statement that there are additional tags in linked endnotes” method if you are worried about spoiling your story too much.

I feel there should be proper warnings- not only does it make the reading environment better for everyone on a general level- both because it lets people read what they like and avoid what they don’t and because it reinforces compassionate community norms- but some people may need those specific warnings you are considering in order to be able to interact with fandom at all, even if the content you are considering seems innocuous. (For example, I have PTSD and I can only tolerate certain very common tropes if there is a happy ending. If there is, then anything goes pretty much, but if not, then I have to steer clear)

If you put something pretty vague like “if you have X general problem/squick, there are additional warnings [here]”, I feel like that gives the reader the choice.

I personally don’t give a shit about warnings. I put them on my fics for search purposes and for those who want them, but if I like a writer, I don’t even bother reading the tags and sometimes don’t even bother reading the summary or pairings.

I know that’s very far from the norm, but tags are definitely spoilers for things, and it’s difficult to work around it, especially when you’re got an awesome twist in a fic!

I’ve considered not tagging anything, then putting in the top notes something about “this isn’t for everybody and if you NEED spoilers either contact me or read the end notes,” but then your fic can’t be searched for by tags.

I like the surprise, though I also don’t mind spoilers all that much, so… I don’t know.

For what you’d like to do, maybe put all the spoilers in a quick blurb in the end notes and mention it in the beginning notes. I don’t see how listing things that aren’t in a fic would work all that well, but I’ve never tried it.

Years ago we didn’t have warnings or tags in fic, and vague summaries were popular among some writers. I had a lot more surprises back then when reading fic. I’m not knocking tags, but I do miss that.


What’s your favourite rare pair* to read? How about to write?

*polyships acceptable

I get the most excited to find Debriel. I think because it’s one of those pairings that just really… makes me… something – I can’t even explain it. It’s not really warm and fuzzies, but… ugh, I can’t explain how Debriel makes me feel.

And it’s not a super popular ship, so finding Debriel is even more special.

Writing? Hmm… I don’t think I have a favorite to write. I love writing them all. Although I do really like writing Wincestiel.

[Fandom] takes the place of some of the functions of a church in a small town: A place where people come together, ostensibly to worship something. But really what’s happening is you’re forming a community. It’s less about what you’re worshiping and more about, “We have these interests in common.” Someone has a sick aunt and suddenly it’s about that, raising money to help her or sharing resources to make her life easier. That’s what it was about with The X-Files on the Internet.

David Duchovny, Los Angeles Times

I’ve never really seen any celebrity “get” fandom the way Duchovny did. A lot of people read that quote and, at the time, mistakenly read it as David saying he was like a god. But what he meant was that (as I believe he clarified elsewhere) fans didn’t need him to make an appearance. Fandom wasn’t about him. It was about us–the fans.

I want us to not forget that. When the fandom’s centre stops being the community of fans and becomes, instead, focused on–even blinded by–the glittering idol, then fandom itself becomes nothing more than idolatry–with all of us, as individuals, jockeying for a touch or a piece of that idol and stomping over each other to get it.

I’ve seen fandoms fall apart when that happens. I’ve seen fandoms become places where fans know and care more about the celebrities than we do about each other.

I know there are good reasons for fans to create personas and screen names. But this might be a good time to re-introduce ourselves to each other. And to think about how much more important that is than is meeting a famous person at the stage door.

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