Deep breath

Dear Tumblr

Fandom is not just for 20 and 30 year olds.

Because of us older bitches a03 exists. You’re welcome.

Enough of the agism crap

Fandom did not start when you were 14

Fandom will be here long after you graduate.


Disgruntled Den Mom

(I don’t normally get annoyed but today I just saw a post that made me want to bitch slap someone)

Older ones are the ones who are able to pay for the very expensive servers with their donations.

Fandom grandmas and grandpas who started way back when Star Trek TOS aired built the foundation and continue to work hard for all the awesomeness we have today. And it’s not just AO3. There’s cons and giveaways and websites and legal battles, etc.

How to Tell if Somebody is fandom!old






– They use terms like lemons, smut, or UST to talk about the genre of their fic.

– They have squicks.

– They want you to have squicks. Which isn’t to say that they want to squick you, just that it’s a useful term.

– *glomps*

– They leave long comments on everything the read. Possibly not in the tags. They might do something super bizarre like send a message or put their thoughts on the end of your post.

– They write disclaimers on everything. Or on literally anything, since nobody does that anymore.

– They write about orbs, and those orbs are cerulean.

– Or literally anything else is cerulean. Cerulean is an outdated term. I’m calling it.

– The tongues of their characters are still battling for dominance, even though it’s 2017, and really a winner should have been declared by now.

– They have a fear of Mary Sue.

– Characters in their modern AU are chatting on AIM instant messenger, and calling each other on landlines. There are references to Ceiling Cat, because the characters are hip to meme culture. This AU is ~modern~ after all.

– Their fic is interlaced with slightly relevant song lyrics (disclaimer, they didn’t write the song.)

– They don’t do any of above, because they are New Fandom Savy, but they write or reblog nostalgic posts about these things.

– They had a livejournal.

– They still have a livejournal.

– They ended up on tumblr only after getting into a new fandom, searching livejournal for content and fellow fans, and suddenly coming to the startling realization that livejournal has become a barren wasteland of tumbleweeds and chirping crickets.

– They miss their geocities site.

– They wrote fic for the X-Files while the original nine seasons were still airing.

– Bonus, they wrote fic for the original Star Trek and published it in a zine, before the Internet was a thing. That’s like super mega fandom old.

– They might be less inclined to call themselves “trash”, but they are totally out there, reading all the things.

Oh look the reason I joined Tumblr.

Oh dear. This was relevant.








Okay, wait. You’re telling me the ship name for Kirk and Spock is SPIRK? You’re kidding me. Like, they’re the first television fanfic ship ever. You’re telling me KOCK was already taken? What’s wrong with you people?!

Im curious how long it took William Shatner to find out about the fanfics.

There…there are Star Trek fanfics?? The fuck??

Ooooh, yes. They were the original ship. Go to Archive of Our Own (Ao3) and search for Spock or Worf or Janeway.

there are people who DON’T KNOW there’s Star Trek fanfic?

Aren’t there Star Trek fanfics which are like 20 years old? I think ao3 got them secured?

Star Trek TOS fanfic writers are the grandmothers and
grandfathers of fandom. They were the first all the way back in the 60s, and they paved the way for
the wonderful world we can now enjoy.