Who Needs Thick Skin 2

Okay, so I don’t have a thicker skin, but what I appear to have gained over the last 10 years is… something else. Because ever since I posted that my last update, I giggle every time I think of why I posted it.

I’d rather not get into it here because it’s ridiculous and trolls don’t deserve attention, but I didn’t feel like quitting as far as writing goes. At all.

I didn’t even feel like taking down what I had up, though I did lock things. But making things visible only to members on AO3 was something I’ve been leaning toward since I started posting there anyway. I might change my mind, but the reason I wanted to lock things on AO3 is the same reason I don’t include my posts on LJ in the RSS feed or friends pages.

And even though at first I was irritated by the troll, it quickly turned into something that had me laughing. It was funny on more than one level.

I don’t know what all has changed in me, and I’m pretty sure that owning my own business and having some amazing guys at the shop are part of why I’ve changed for the good. I don’t feel cocky, but I do think I’m more self-confident.

Who knew working with tattoo artists 13-15 hours a day would make me more self-confident and help foster that I-don’t-give-a-fuck-if-you-don’t-accept-me attitude?

Oh yeah. Everyone who’s ever met a tattoo artist 😀