So tell me friends… what sorts of abo stories do you want to tell? (or read… or both! let me in on your secrets 🙂

I do also feel the need to point out, if you’re reading this, that if you like/want more “traditional” style abo, that is completely ok too. 

It’s one of the best things about fic. There is literally something for everyone 🙂

Traditional, non-traditional, or whatever is good for me. What I really like are heat issues and rough sex and manhandling (even if it’s F/F), biting/marking, and then just the regular everyday there for each other thing.

Like one just wants to hold the other and finger them while watching TV in a nonchalant way. Or they push their hand down the back of the other’s jeans in public, just a quick flick or rub, and then walking away like nothing happened.

I also really like domestic discipline in ABO relationships. I know you’re surprised by that 😉

Recently I’ve been thinking about throwing a little bit of soulmate stuff in there. The surprise factor sounds fun.

Oh, and asexual and/or aromantic poly relationships where each fulfills something in the other.

I kinda like ABO fic 😀


Fellow writers: how do you make up for a very shallow knowledge of a person when writing RPF? Are there fandom-approved routes to take, or are you just. On your own?

Reading RPF/RPS definitely helps, but you still get the fans’ representation of the person.

I like to watch interviews and pick out small things. They all put on a persona for public appearances, but watch their eyes, what they do with their hands when they’re not the complete center of attention, how they react to questions and what other people say.

Also look at their clothing, including socks and jewelry. You can pick up on so many little things that help.

And even if you’re completely off the mark, who can really say unless they’re best friends with the celeb in question?

I appreciate it when a writer does their best to build a person given limited knowledge. One of my favorite ‘verses ever was so completely OOC for what I thought Jared and Jensen were like, but I LOOOOVE the fic and it was so fleshed out and real that I couldn’t have cared less that Jensen would’ve never said some of the things he said and Jared wouldn’t have ever done a couple of the things he did. It was Sick ‘Verse by writeatmidnight, BTW 🙂

There will always be people out there who insist they know what a person is like and want you to live up to that in your writing, but in truth nobody but their closest friends know what the celebs are really like 🙂




I’ve seen this on my dash a few times… but it’s about ratings. 

Most people are disappointed when an M or E rated fic doesn’t contain sex. 

But… not all fics are suitable for General or Teen audiences. When something is rated E (I am not sure about the M) it even says ‘this is rated Explicit, are you sure you want to continue’, when you are logged out. And I am assuming if your age is set to a young age, it’s not going to allow you access to higher rated things? (I haven’t checked that out. anyone not lied about their age?)

And it is it just the act of penetration? I recently wrote a fic where my characters don’t actually fuck, but one of them is plugged full of come, and the other character tells him he’s going to take him, bend him over, fuck again, and plug him up again. 

Because there is no actual sex, does that mean it should have a T rating? 

There are lots of themes I don’t believe are suitable for an G or T rating. 

I don’t believe a fic that deals with rape and it’s aftermath, even if the rape isn’t shown in detail, is really suitable for a T rating. 

I don’t think that fics with extreme violence and gore are really suitable for T rating either. 

So what’s the answer?

@envydean said: Explicit or Mature – to me at least – is any “theme” that is unsuitable for those under 18 (or 21 depending on where you live)… it doesn’t necessarily mean sex, it could mean any other themes such as rape aftermath, excessive, gory violence, horror etc.

That’s how I see it too. But, I know there is a large number of people who do equate those ratings with sexual content. So is there a way to manage it that satisfies the most people? 

I tend to rate by how age ratings in my country work when it comes to films, home releases of TV shows and videogames. If it’s violence, gore, sex or drug use depicted in detail: we’re heading to Mature, most likely Explicit depending on the depth involved.

If past abuse is mentioned in passing and that’s the only rateable thing: Teen Up. If that abuse is detailed lightly: Mature. If it’s pages of the stuff: Explicit.

If I’m writing something with incest in it and that incest is mentioned? Already at mature.

I don’t really agree with the rating system in my country (USA). I think some other countries have it right when they rate more for intensity than other issues.

Here in the US we’ll have a movie with a ridiculous amount of violence, but if it’s not super gory it’ll get a rating that allows kids/teens in. On the other hand, a movie that has even a small amount of nudity (no bits) or sex (seriously, they freak over bits here, so the most you’ll see is a flash of boob) and the rating jumps up.

I wish the US wasn’t so skewed against nudity/sex and yet totally fine with violence and intense situations. We’ve sexualized the body SO MUCH here that sometimes when I watch foreign movies my knee-jerk reaction to a peen on the screen is surprise, and then I’m like oh yeah it’s just a peen.

When I rate my fics, I take explicit+intensity and use that to make my rating. General = I’d show it to anyone, Teen = I’d show it to a teen without worrying about them, Mature = I’d show it to adults without worrying, and Explicit = I’d only show it to people who were adults AND liked very intense+explicit stuff.

Intensity to me is the difference between blowing up an empty building (maybe rate it General or Teen) vs blowing up a building with a few people in it who were bad guys (maybe Teen or Mature depending on how graphic it is) vs blowing up a building and you’re in there, you know the people, see their fear knowing it’s going to happen and the resulting explosion is devastating and rips your heart out as you read/watch the detailed gore (I’d rate that Explicit).

Sex & nudity should be considered in the ratings too, but IMNSHO it shouldn’t have nearly as much weight as the US gives it even for “small” instances.

replied to your post “comments on fic”

Bah, I had someone tell me on one of my short Sabriel stories once something like I should have went on with their date, and I said something about maybe sometime in the future I would, but I had no plans at the moment. Then they proceeded to write how they saw the first date going in detail, and while it was interesting… it felt kind of awkward, too? Like, I wanted to tell them to write it on their own, as their own story, instead of on mine? I dunno.

I would totally fall off my seat and squee with delight if one of my readers did an AU of one of my fics or wrote a chunk of fic like a coda or addition to my fics. But what you’re talking about is completely different and is just… creepy.

That’s “lemme show you how you should do it, now dance for me, little writer, DANCE!”

I’m not saying people shouldn’t be enthusiastic about fic, but there are lines of… decency? I can’t think of the right word, but it’s like the difference between a stalker vs. your SO leaving flowers at your front door. Same flowers, different intent.


comments on fic



I get comments on fic every once in a while where the person tries to tell me what they want to see happen in the fic, and they either do it in a subtle way or they flat out order me to do it. It’s not all that often, but I always ignore it, don’t engage with the person, and sometimes I’ll even delete the comment if they’re overly pushy and obnoxious.

But for some reason lately I’ve gotten more of them in a short period of time, one that was like “I really hope you don’t do THIS.”

It doesn’t bother me so much as it amuses me. I wish they wouldn’t do it to new writers or writers who can’t handle ridiculous people being ridiculous, but at the same time it’s like… really? You want everything you read to go exactly the way you want it? Okay, how ‘bout you go write it the way you want it. Hey, I might even read it. Go for it.

Don’t people want to be surprised? Don’t they want angst and problems and danger and excitement and pain and love and life? I would hate it if everyone wrote exactly what I wanted. TV, movies, and fanfic would be so boring. Sure, I like reading things I want to happen, but not all the time.

I want to be disappointed. I want my heart ripped out sometimes. I want to cry sometimes. I want that stab of betrayal. I want to be on the edge of my seat wondering what happens next. I want to laugh. I want to be surprised. I want to sigh at the end of a fic and get that feeling of just stepping off a roller coaster.

Writers do this, and they’re awesome for it! Without anyone else’s writing to read but my own, I’d probably stop reading, and I’d probably stop writing too.

@samanddeaninpanties said:
H. I am baffled by the readers that try to boss writers around and are
seemingly uninterested in the idea of surprise. Surprise is fucking FUN.
I remember the good ol’ days when we didn’t have to tag for every
little turn our fic took and honestly? I really really miss it.

Yeah, the bossing around is shitty, and I wish I could protect new writers from this because it can be devastating until a writer gains some confidence and/or realizes bossy people need to be shoved into the “ignore” box.

I was just mentioning the surprise factor on @dreamsfromthebunker‘s fic I didn’t read the pairings or tags and was very pleasantly surprised by the characters and content 😀

When it comes to friends of mine who are writers or writers I know I really like, I don’t look at the tags & pairings, and most of the time I don’t even bother reading the summary.

I read the summary on fics only when I’m searching for something new to read and have no clue who the writers are. Still, there are times I’ll just randomly pull up a fic and start reading, no reading of tags or summary.

I’m not saying we should do away with tags. There are reasons for it, including the ability to find things, but I just wonder how people enjoy things when it seems like they yank all the fun out of everything.

And heaven forbid you forget a tag or someone thinks you need one when you don’t feel it fits the fic or they think you need one but that’s not really what’s happening. I’ve had people get very pissy with me over that one. I tag very well, and that can also be a spoiler, so I don’t draw attention to the tagging itself in case people want to be surprised.

I’m just sayin’ live a little 😉

cut for length and whining (on my part)

@samanddeaninpanties said:
Ugh, fuck. Yes. You just highlighted another very unfortunate problem.

If I
forget ONE tag (and honestly it’s usually a tag I don’t agree needs to
be used anyway) it’s like fucking all hell breaks loose. Readers become
pushy again about you adding tags that really don’t need to be
there/don’t belong at all and ugh. It’s so frustrating the shit people
deem is necessary to harass us over half the time, arg. I realize
tagging has its place, it helps us find shit and helps others avoid
unwanted content…
But it’s just reached ridiculous levels, imo.

I recently realized someone used the bookmark section of AO3 to do a passive-aggressive insulting thing. I don’t normally look at the bookmark notes people make on my fics, but someone mentioned people like to do ratings in them (like a whole rating system) and I was like hmm… wonder if my readers do this, and saw this little insult.

Now this is someone who flipped out on me over something that ended up not even being what she thought it was in the fic. She flipped out so badly that I gave her a huge spoiler in the reply and deleted her ranting because I just don’t like awful comments clogging up the comments section and I *really* don’t want my readers trying to defend me.

She wanted a tag for something that SHE thought happened and it didn’t happen. I don’t know what to say to people like that. It wasn’t even an opinion matter (some people like to explain to you how this is a nonconsensual/wrong situation no matter how you write it, but this wasn’t even that) it was just plain her assuming something that wasn’t true.

It’s petty to do the passive aggressive thing in the comments section of bookmarks, but that’s not what we’re really talking about.

I tag for everything. I’m really anal about it because I like to make it as easy as possible for people to find my fic when they’re in the mood for something I’ve written. It’s a bonus that it also helps people who are genuinely triggered by content. Most of my readers know how anal I am about tagging, so it just made this person’s rant even funnier. I don’t know how much more plainly I can say “I tagged for everything, you’re wrong, now quit spoiling the fun for the rest of my readers.”

Oh well.