deancastropefest: A 15k fic & art challenge featuring all of your favorite tropes! Incorporate at least two into your fic. Rough drafts due July 9. Art claims July 16th. Posting begins September 1st.  Schedule • FAQ & Rules • Sign-up Oohhhh in case anyone wants to!

Posting starts in 7 days

Dear Writers

Hope you are ready for a lot* of cowboys, rough riding, reality and tv in 7 days! Although we had a hilarious crack leakage earlier this week, now we are looking forward to a deluge of crack spn fics next week!

*no actual idea how many, hoping more than one fic in Jan? We need TWO minimum for promo battle. Keeping fingers crossed for more from y’all.

P.S. the prompt can be interpreted however you want and featured as much or little in the fic, it is a crack fic contest after all.

P.P.S. Dean falls in love with a donut by @idkkarlo is currently 224 hits, 20 kudos and 14 comments. 😂👍❤️

To enter just post to ao3 and reblog this post with URL of your fic:

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