It’s what you’ve all been waiting for!!! The @spncoldesthits November Challenge was brought to you by the mods. We needed a filler month while switching to the new schedule, so we revived an oldie but goodie with Forbidden Titles! Everybody was given a list of silly titles to choose from, and they could use them …

We have fics!





We have two fics posted so far for this month’s challenge.

Mission Accomplished by @pherryt

Editing v Suggesting by @treefrogie84

If you haven’t yet, go give these wonderful stories a look, and if you’re thinking about sharing your own story this month, you still have until midnight PST on Monday.  We’d love to see your take on this month’s theme.

@grey2510 has blessed us with The Man for Dr. Husband

Two more fics!

Seeping Baby Man: The Friendshiping by @hexmaniacchoco

Romancy Heart by @thayerkerbasy

As of this posting, if you were waiting to post your fic for this month, you have 15 hours to go.  Let’s give these fics some competition! 

Two more!

A Irresistible Good Baby by @formidablepassion

Captive Something Bachelor by @writergamermom

DECEMBER PROMPT: Banned Songfic (POSTING DATES 15TH-19TH) @treefrogie84 won October’s challenge, which means they get to pick December’s theme, and they chose Banned Songfic! The fandom olds will groan at this, and the younger fanfic writers will wonder wtf is wrong with us, but just stay with me on this one because it can be …

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for!!! The @spncoldesthits October Challenge was brought to you by @caffeinaships, who won September’s challenge and the right to choose what the theme was, and they chose Infinite Universes! Are you ready to find out who won October’s challenge? Are you sure? Really, really sure? Okay, here goes 😛 …

Forbidden Titles Redux November Prompt (POSTING DATES 15TH-19TH) This month we changed the way the challenge is run. The winner for October will choose the theme for December, giving everyone more time to write their fics. But that means we needed a theme for this month, so we chose the most popular theme we’ve ever …