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Summary: Punishing Omegas via sex in public is banned. Alphas are allowed to spank them, though. And Dean gets very turned on whenever Sammy spanks him. 

Note: This one-shot was written for a prompt on the SPN Kink Meme and my friends @mayalaen and @majesticduxk. I’ve tagged dubious consent to be on the safe side. If that upsets you please don’t read any further. Contains some dialogue from Scarecrow. Also, I played around with events a bit. Assume that Sam never runs off with Meg and stays with Dean the whole time.

Warnings: dubious consent (just to be on the safe side), spanking, punishment, public humiliation, embarrassed!Dean, alpha!Sam, omega!Dean. 

Tagging: @bendoverandbiteyourgag, @rainsoakedsam, @purgatoan and @justanothersaltandburn

“You sure they didn’t stop for gas or anything?” Dean asks and his tone isn’t as submissive as the ancient Alpha is used to.

Yup. He looks pissed.

“Nope, don’t remember ‘em. You said they were friends of yours?”

“That’s right.”

Okay, it’s possible he said that a bit too forcefully. And his posture is all wrong, chin held high as he stares at the Alpha directly in the eye.  

“You need to rein that Omega bitch in or you can leave my store,” the Alpha says to Sam.

He’s glad the Alpha is getting angry. Dean’s always had a distaste for Alphas that treat Omegas like they should be seen and not heard or have no personality.

Sam tugs Dean down onto the dirty gas station floor without warning, yanking his pants down to his knees and settles him across his lap.

“Tell me what you did wrong,” Sam demands.

Dean squirms, cheeks flushing pink with embarrassment because the old Alpha is staring.  

There’s a self-satisfied smirk on his face and, okay yeah, Dean kinda wants to wipe it off.

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