I appreciate you! Yes YOU!


Alright, so we are doing this. Because you know what? It needs to be done. Every author needs to know that they are appreciated and their work means something to those who read it. 

To everyone I list I want you to know that I have read your work and damnit I really appreciate the time and effort that you put into it. You provide me and countless others with free material to entertain ourselves and it is such a selfless act that it deserves to be recognized. 

I also want to acknowledge that a lot of these people I am truly blessed to be able to call friend. Without a lot of these people I may have lost my shit or…well. Let’s just say that other people don’t know they have a few of my friends here to thank. 

Now if I can remember everyone (and in no particular order) I adore your writing y’all! 

@avyssoseleison @violue @riseofthefallenone @purgatory-jar @braezenkitty @shennanigoats @wanderingcas @winchester-reload @treefrogie84 @tellthenight @thayerkerbasy @trisscar368 @envydean @profound-boning @majesticduxk @dragonpressgraphics @dreamsfromthebunker @whataboutthefish @buffenator @intotheruins @bendoverandbiteyourgag @emani-writes @maliciouslycreative @hazeldomain @samanddeaninpanties @shannon-kind @diminuel @mayalaen @destielonfire @paperannxo @royalrowena @reaperlove77 @pod7et @kreweofimp @relucant @ltleflrt @madamelibrarian @when-the-day-met-the-night @helvonasche @soupernabturel @hellhoundsprey @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell 

And of course my amazing co-mods on @dcjbigbang @unforth-ninawaters and @jhoomwrites 

If I missed anyone, please know that I have enjoyed your writing and I’m sorry if I didn’t get you tagged. 

Anyone who isn’t following these lovely people and need some quality fan fics to read, go check them out!! 

Thank you!!!!!


So here I am, late to the party like usual, giving my little note on fanfic writer appreciation day. Every single fanfic writer is amazing weather you write one 1000 word fic a year or churn out 300k fics twice a year. Every single thing you do is amazing. I know that not enough credit is given to all these talented people that create all this amazing content for free. I’m always proud of you but please take this day to pat yourself on the back because you did good.

Fanfic has given so much to me over the past 14 years and I’m so proud to both read and write it. I’ve made some of the greatest friends of my life though fanfic. Friends that every day I’m grateful they put up with my shit, laugh and cry with me, and will go off on ridiculous tangents with me. I’ve learned so much about myself and the world as a whole through all your unique perspectives. With fanfic the possibilities are endless and I look forward to seeing where your imaginations are going to take all of us in the future.

And let’s all take a moment to remember those that are no longer with us. Friends that have moved on to other fandoms or have left fandom alltogether. We hope you’re having fun wherever you are. And especially let’s remember those that have passed on. If it wasn’t for one extremely amazing woman I wouldn’t be here today. So thank you Christina, the original maliciouslycreative, for all your love and support.

Sending my love to all my great writer mutuals. May your comments and kudos be many and your writers block be easily conquered and your word counts stay on track. (I’M SORRY IF I FORGOT SOMEONE OH MY GOD. AND EVEN IF I DIDN’T MENTION YOU I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND YOU’RE DOING AMAZING AND PLEASE LINK ME YOUR FIC)

@rosemoonweaver @unforth-ninawaters @jhoomwrites @captainbunnicula @purgatoan @formidablepassion @jupiterjames @bendoverandbiteyourgag @mayalaen @majesticduxk @intotheruins @destielonfire @casanddeanwinchester @fpwoper @emani-writes @zzzett @anonymousantonym @braezenkitty @carrieosity @samanddeaninpanties @sventmanifest @gayscottryder

You’re very awesome yourself <3


I spent all day yesterday trying to figure out how to commemorate Fanfiction Author Appreciation day and ended up procrastinating so long that it’s now August 22nd. But screw it, every day should be fanfiction author appreciation day. If I tried to list all the fic authors whose works I’ve read, all the fic authors whose work has made an impact on me, I’d be here for ages and I’d inevitably forget someone and then I’d feel hella guilty. So instead I’m going to take a moment and thank my mutuals who are fanwriters. Because honestly, as much as I love fanfiction, it’s this support network of Tumblr authors – some of whose work I’ve read, some I haven’t  – who motivate me and help keep my head on straight. I wouldn’t be the writer or person I am without you guys, so THANK YOU for being great writers and great friends, for the hard work you put into your writing and maintaining your blogs and supporting your fellow writers and your readers.

@ceeainthereforthat, @treefrogie84, @mrsgabrieltrickster, @blue-reveries, @jupiterjames, @dreamsfromthebunker, @schmerzerling, @dr-dean, @casanddeanwinchester, @alxdiamond, @thefangirlingrey, @magickmoons, @fpwoper, @onthebanksoftheriverstupid, @pimentogirl, @relucant, @fozmeadows, @samanddeaninpanties, @jhoomwrites, @alessariel, @shipperslist, @tinfoilunicorn, @shannon-kind, @dragonpressgraphics, @rosemoonweaver, @maliciouslycreative, @mayalaen, @destielonfire, @anonymousantonym, @pandora-of-antioch, @hullosweetpea, @brainsforbabyjesus, @porcupine-girl, @braezenkitty, @formidablepassion, @diminuel, @fallenwithstyle, @tryslora, @majesticduxk, @eriquin, @pod7et. @avyssoseleison, @profoundfall, @ltleflrt, @tellthenight, @kitkatcabbit, @lauraannegilman, @eriquin

I’ve tried to tag everyone I know writes but if I missed you it’s just cause I didn’t realize you’re an author too, you’re no less appreciated though! To you guys, and all my mutuals, and all my followers, and everyone who tagged me yesterday…ya’ll are amazing. Thank you so much for all you do!!! <3


It’s fanfic author appreciation day! So, let’s spread some love. Tell me about your favorite authors in fandom and how they’ve touched your lives in a meaningful way! 

I know that fanfic has given me countless hours of entertainment, and the friendships I’ve forged have been incredible. The people behind some of my favorite works have changed me and given me more insight into myself (as cheesy as that sounds). 

So, thank you @maliciouslycreative @samanddeaninpanties @unforth-ninawaters @ltleflrt @formidablepassion @jhoomwrites @purgatoan @justanothersaltandburn @trisscar368 @braezenkitty @dreamsfromthebunker @majesticduxk @mayalaen and @wanderingcas for both being my friends and excellent writer buddies. 

Thank you!!!

Fanfic Writer Appreciation Day


It’s this day of the year again! So, I wanted to thank the people who write and share their wonderful writing with others. All your stories brighten up other’s days, you’re amazing <3 

I hope writer’s block will be nonexistent for all of you, your ideas will keep blowing everyone’s minds, your passion will never go away and readers will leave a lot of great feedback on your stories 😉

I’m going to tag all the people that I love to read fics from, you should check them all out, guys!


@audaciousdean @beriala @bloodandcream @brothersonahotelbed @calaphrass @destielonfire @dreamsfromthebunker @envydean @glass-closet @holdmesamthatwasbeautiful @intotheruins @itsnotsammy @jerksarehot @jhoomwrites @jimminovak @justanothersaltandburn @kansaskissedlips @ladysimoriah @mayalaen @maliciouslycreative @mooseintheocean @rosemoonweaver @samanddeaninpanties @soy-em @straightouttalwarence @thedropoutandthejunkie @transgendersam @wanderingcas @wetsammywinchester @zmediaoutlet @zzzett

Ships and Reader Inserts

@anotherwinchesterfangirl @deansleather @ilostmyshoe-79 @just-another-busy-fangirl @kittenofdoomage @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell @ruined-by-destiel @roxy-davenport @winchestersinthedrift @wrenseroticlibrary

Reader Inserts

@abaddonwithyall @blacktithe7 @blushingsamgirl @bringmesomepie56 @castielspahdehrah @curliesallovertheplace @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @deandoesthingstome @deathtonormalcy56 @howlingbarnes @imagineteamfreewill @kayteonline @lucifer-in-leather @notnaturalanahi @plaidstiel-wormstache @rowdyhooliganism @sebbytrash @sleepywinchester @supernaturallymarvellous @teamfreewill-imagine @unadulteratedstorycollector @waywardlullabies @wayward-mirage @winchesterenthusiast



Thank you, all <3

Thank you!!!

Reblogging in case anybody wants to follow and/or read fics from these amazing writers!