Who is SPNColdestHits for?

Ever thought “no one will read this” as you wrote something? This is the writing challenge for you!

SPNColdestHits is a fanfic writing challenge for anyone interested in writing a piece of SPN fan fiction and posting it to AO3 to get the least number of hits/kudos/comments possible.

Whether you’ve never posted fanfic or if you are a fanfic veteran, it’s for you.

In this game, writing skills, existing subscribers, followers are a complete hinderance.

What is SPNColdestHits?

A monthly crack fanfic writing competition for the SPN fandom.

All fics entered will have their hits/comments/kudos count tallied. A hit is 1 point, a kudos is 10 points, a comment is 20 points. All comments are counted including replies to comments. LOWEST total score wins.

Where are the SPNColdestHits fics?

Works made as a part of the SPNColdestHits challenge are posted to: http://archiveofourown.org/users/Angrysouffle/collections

Why are you doing this?

There are so many excellent SPN fanfics. For example up to 600 destiel fics can be posted to AO3 per week. This makes writing and posting in the fandom pretty challenging and fics don’t always get the hits/notes they should. So why not celebrate your masterpiece being completely ignored? Why not drop your writing standards and just write whatever weird ass thing that comes into your head? Fanfic is supposed to be fun and wild! So here’s your opportunity to let loose.

How do I take part?

Super easy:

1. Write the fic
2. Post to AO3
3. Let us know the fic URL

Okay some extra stuff to do*:

A. Use the monthly theme as a prompt (can be token mention). The prompt is set out in each month’s rules post.
B. When posting to AO3 try to post the fic as part of spncoldesthits collection. Put a link back to the rules post in the endnotes.
C. Reblog the rules post with the URL of your fic so we can find it for the final tally.

Rules post is here: http://spncoldesthits.tumblr.com/tagged/rules

*This helps but you don’t gotta, long as we know it’s an SPNColdestHits fic it’s all good.

What is promo wars?

Sometimes your competition will promote your fic on their blog or through other methods so that it gets more hits.

Can I tell people not to read my fic?

Yes, on your blog or even in the fic itself. Just not in the tags and summary of your fic. Basically the ao3 feed entry for your fic should look like a normal fic.

I really want to write a (insert incredible idea) fic but it does not fit with this month’s theme!

Who cares, just write it, token mention the theme.

Do I have to register?

No. We welcome random impulse fic writing!

Anything I can’t write?

No underage please, otherwise use your own sense of ethics.

Past winners and losers have written: scat, puppet sex, a tonne of major character death, angel dildo play etc.

Pairings are flexible. Where the prompt is for a specific pairing you should include the pairing as at least token mention if possible. (E.g. In December we decided to do “destiel trash af” which required every fic to have at least a background pairing of destiel) If you don’t the punishment is …. .

Is there a word limit?


When do I post?

Posting dates are on the rules post. For example: Jan 2016 posting dates are 15-18 January. This means you can post any time during that period provided it’s sometime January 15-18 in your time zone. Early posting is not so much an issue as late posting as the important 48 hours after posting ends is when we tally up the results.

How do results work, what do I get if I win?

Results are usually tallied roughly 48 hours after posting ends*. There will be a post to @spncoldesthits tumblr page with screencaps of all of the fic hits/kudos/comments. There will be some trash talk and then the official awards will be given.

Winner gets to pick next month’s theme.

*Okay but @angrysouffle is sometimes unreliable so these are rough guesses.

Your fic also gets a link on our Greatest Losers page (don’t blame me, @whataboutthefish made the page when she became the challenge’s first ever winner).

What if I want to delete my work later?

Can’t stop you but it’s so sad to lose such crack.

This FAQ doesn’t answer my question!


No I wanna ask like a person!

Mods are: @agnrysouffle and @whataboutthefish

Why are you ruining our beautiful fandom?

… … Because we can 🙂