I was tagged by @royalrowena to show my lock screen. Thank you 🙂 I’m so boring. Once I find a combo I like, I stick with it for a LONG time. I’ve had the same wallpaper on my laptop and desktop computers for the last four years. So yes, my lock and home screens are …

10 Questions

I was tagged by @royalrowena. Thank you 🙂

1. Favorite Disney movie?
I don’t really like Disney movies.

2. Choose one ability: drawing or writing

3. Your favorite character (if your main fandom doesn’t count)?

4. Favorite song?
It’s hard to pick just one, but I’ll go with Mudvayne’s Nothing to Gein

How would you like to see Supernatural end?

I’d like them to get some of the things they want, but not everything, because I like more realistic endings for shows/movies. Maybe Sam settles down with somebody, they have the house and kids and dog. Maybe Dean travels a bit, but makes home base Sam’s house and visits a lot, but Dean doesn’t really hunt, more like consulting work so he doesn’t get totally thrashed as he gets older. Maybe Cas consults too or maybe he settles down. Or maybe all three die and live HAE in heaven 😛

6. What made you love your favorite character?
Are we still going with not in the main fandom? If so, my brain doesn’t work like most everyone else’s and there was something about the way Dexter’s brain worked in the books and series that just drew me in and… yeah.

7. Favorite fanfic?
I’m supposed to choose ONE!?! Sick ‘Verse by writeatmidnight comes to mind, as does Of Pie and Self-Loathing by scourgeofeurope, Incubus by Crimson, BDSM ‘Verse by @xanthewalter. Chains ‘Verse by @dkwilliams, Stranger Things by Esmeralda, The Winchesters Series by @deadmockingbirds1, Beautiful Broken by lit-gal, Sands of Time by james & wolfling, anything by flinchflower and astrangerfate, and SO MANY OTHERS I CAN’T PICK ONE!!! (the fics that don’t have links are no longer online)

8. Where would you like to be right now?
In bed 😀

9. If there was zombie apocalypse, how long you would survive?

I probably wouldn’t. I’m clumsy, not street smart, don’t have good people skills, and don’t work well with others, so… yeah.

10. Your OTP?
I don’t really have one in any fandom (well, okay, Eliot/Parker/Hardison in Leverage). I like a big variety, but the majority of what is read is Destiel and Wincest just because there’s so much of it. I have a thing for Debriel and Danneel/Genevieve, though 🙂

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Today I could have died. -____-

I was swinging on my swing and it broke…..and….yeah…..my butt hurts. 
And here’s the thing, I felt it pop twice and knew it was probably going to snap (its very old) but kept swinging….and I was like thinking “what if it breaks and I break my leg” . Nope. Jut really hurt my butt. 

Ugh, I’ve done that. I swear a broke my tailbone. Couldn’t sit right for months! I hope you feel better soon!