i can’t with people anymore. the saga of my computer continues. I have a package (assuming to be a mouse I ordered) coming today. marked as delivered by fedex. 4 minutes after it’s marked as left at my door i’m downstairs to get it, guess what’s not at my door? dealing with fedex right now but by the time they call back the computer company will be closed for the weekend (a holiday weekend no less)

I work tonight and I’ve literally been up all day waiting for this. Ugh. I can’t with anyone anymore.

FedEx troubles, you say?  Oh, I’m a huge fan of them!  I’ll cut for anyone who doesn’t feel like reading about my love of FedEx. /sarcasm

I own a tattoo & tattoo supply shop, and they’ve frustrated me to the point where I beg the companies I buy from not to use them, and if they do, I insist on special instructions that the packages be sent to the local store-front FedEx, not my house or shop because IT’S RIDICULOUS.

My shop doesn’t open until 11am (I get here at 10:45am), and yet FedEx FORCES their drivers to come to my shop at a certain time on a route they make up for the drivers, which means these guys come at 8:30 a.m.  Because I’m not there, they send it back to the company.  No note left behind, no trying again another time, nothing.

They have also come a few times to the back door of the shop.  Nobody uses the back door in this strip mall, and if I’m up front, no way in Hell am I gonna hear someone knocking on the door while the music is going.  So my stuff gets sent back.

Yeah, all of my stuff now goes to the local store-front FedEx, and it’s a pain because we have to drive all the way over there and load heavy packages that COULD be delivered right to my shop, but no.  I’m sick of having my stuff sent back, especially after that last time when ten cases of gloves got sent back and I was out of them, so I had to turn away customers for THREE DAYS while the new shipment came.