Guys this is really hard for me to say, but…

I think I might be a Sam!girl. 

I’m so confused because every time I see Cas I want to gather him up and hold him to my chest like a flock of errant ducklings but then I see Sam and I’m like

I’m so confused. 

What am I. 

OMG hazel, I feel your pain. When someone presents me with a list of choices I always, always choose all of the above. I resisted being a Sam girl so hard. I saw it coming a mile away and I was all nonononono I like everybody always forever and also way too painful why would I do that to myself?

…but somehow it happened anyway goddamnit.

This also happened to me. I’m so sorry.

My condolences to your heart.

I just reblogged this like 10 minutes ago, but at the time I failed to find a gif that perfectly captured my experience of becoming a Sam girl. And then… minutes later! Tada! There it was:

Why not both? I originally was a Dean!girl, but Sam totally stomped all over me and decided I needed to be a Dean!girl AND a Sam!girl, so then Bobby jumped in on it, John trampled over my heart and demanded some attention, and then Cas just… well my heart was already grooved by everyone else so I’m a Cas!girl now too.

Don’t even get me started on the ladies. Meg had me drooling AND having feels waaaaaaay back when that cute little blonde came onto the screen and I saw the first inkling of snark pop through that sweet exterior she was selling to Sam.

Embrace them aaaaaaaaall! 😀