Song Shuffle

I was tagged by @felicityismyfilter to shuffle my music and put the first ten songs and tag 10 people. Thank you 🙂

1. Moment – Nate Ruess
2. A Key to Nothing – Mudvayne
3. Southern Smile – Cavo
4. Spit it Out – Slipknot
5. The Kill – 30 Seconds to Mars
6. Rio Bravo – cKy
7. Brutal Love – Green Day
8. Only the Young – Brandon Flowers
9. Shallow – Porcupine Tree
10. I Don’t Love You – My Chemical Romance

I’m tagging @bendoverandbiteyourgag @dreamsfromthebunker @castiel-knight-of-hell @sheltered-ghost @rieraclaelin @smightymcsmighterton @majesticduxk @shipperslist @theboykingsbrokencrown @gravyboot

And anyone who wants to play!

For the Get Weird ask: 2, 32, and 74 :)




2- My mom called me on her way home from work
32- For music I’ve been listening to Lorde lately but physically right now I’m catching up on AHS Hotel
74- Relationship if it’s not a clingy one lol

Ooh, I need to catch up on AHS too! I tend to DVR things, then binge watch them when my mom’s being clingy. We just got done catching up on Gotham 🙂

I’ve been meaning to watch Gotham! I’ve heard it’s awesome! My DVR is what prompted me to catch up on AHS lol it was almost full. Next is Supergirl lol

I’ve really been enjoying it! And without giving away any spoilers, I’ll just say that it’s odd in that bizarre way that all Batman-centered stuff is, which is fun, and I totally fell for Penguin within a very short time. I also am totally drooling over Barbara. Hot!!

I haven’t watched Supergirl yet, but one of the guys at my shop (who is a huge superhero geek) loves it and keeps trying to get me to watch it. He also has been pushing for Daredevil 😀