mayalaen: Okay, now I’m not expecting all of them to be like this, and really this is a pole dancing competition so not really stripping, but the sensual moves he’s got going is kind of really fucking hot shit I’m talking about when I’d like SOME effort on the part of male strippers. @bendoverandbiteyourgag And …

I have a bone to pick with male strippers

As a pansexual, I appreciate all bodies. And because I’m not overly picky, I really do mean ALL bodies. Sizes, types, whatever.

But I’ve gotta say I’m SOOO tired of male strippers who think flopping their junk is all that’s needed. Tear their clothes off as fast as possible, then flop the junk over and over and over and OVER AGAIN! Arg!

Women are so gorgeous when they strip and dance and slide all over the floor and use a stripper pole and slither all over you and just…  nnnnnghfuckyesplease!!!

Men would probably be just as happy if all strippers did was flop their tits in men’s faces and rub their pussy all over them, but… I appreciate a woman who can get me wet just by dancing.

GUYS, pleeease. Move around, slither, learn some moves, take it off slowly, seduce me! You don’t have to have amazing rhythm or awesomely choreographed dance moves, but put some effort into it, damn it!

*she says after yet again finding NO MALE STRIPPING VIDEOS WORTH GETTING OFF TO, NECESSITATING SEARCHES FOr some really hot chicks stripping to get herself off*

Conclusion: Guys, the girls are winning. Step up your game.