Reblog this with your MBTI type, gender and country


Because those statistics from 1970s America that are still used to today on the frequency of types does not, from personal experience and experimentation, seem the slightest bit accurate or relevant (especially when I seem to run into an NT or NF type every time I turn a corner despite their ‘rarity’ ) 

So please reblog this with your MBTI type, gender and country. It’s for science. 

Hey guys can you just take a second help me out with my stats project?!


I have this project for stats where I need to conduct a survey and I need 50 people’s responses. It’s pretty simple and it should only take less than a minute. Please reblog this and in the tags tell me what gender you identify with, and which franchise film series is your favorite. Here are the choices:

-Harry Potter

-Star Wars

-Pirates of The Caribbean

-Jurassic Park