Sweet Talkin’ Guy – Part 2


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Pairing: Sabriel (femslash)

Rating: T

Warnings: AU, Human AU, High School AU, Femslash

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“Sam, wake up!”

“Wha?” Sam was rudely awoken by Gabrielle’s face so close to hers she could feel her breath on her cheek.

“Get dressed and grab your keys,” Gabrielle commanded, shoving some black clothing into her lap. Sam’s eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness, and she could see that Gabrielle was similarly dressed.

“Where are we going?” Sam yawned, slipping off the couch. “Gabby, it’s four in the morning!”

“Exactly,” Gabrielle whispered back, pulling a tube of black creme makeup from her pocket. “Now get dressed.” She swiftly left the room, and Sam could hear her rummaging around in her kitchen.

Sam did as she was told, pulling the black turtleneck that Gabby had given her over her head, following it up with the pair of black leggings. Gabrielle reappeared with two thick lines of makeup under her eyes, and a bag of sugar and a funnel.

“Where are we going?” Sam asked, slipping into her wet shoes and taking her keys from her hoodie pocket. She suppressed a shiver as the coldness enveloped her feet, and she followed Gabrielle out of the house and down the stairs.

The rain had cleared up, and the stars twinkled above them as they stole down the street.

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