Anna/Jo – first kiss


They’re sitting on a porch swing with comfortable cushions the color of Anna’s silky red hair. Jo twirls a knife in her hand, aware of Anna’s eyes on her.

“I’m not so great with words. But I can show you how I feel,” Anna says quietly, breaking the silence.

Jo frowns. “What do you mean?”

Anna places two gentle fingers on Jo’s chin. “I’d really like to kiss you.”

“Shit.” She doesn’t bother to ask ‘really?’ Joking around isn’t Anna’s style. Jo takes a deep, cleansing breath then nods.

The porch swing stops rocking as their lips meet.


No title yet, just a quick fic I wrote after @whataboutthefish begged me for some femslash + caning a really long time ago.

Pairing: Jody Mills /Pamela Barnes
Tags: femslash, D/s, caning, bondage, painplay

A soft gasp was the only reaction Jody pulled out of her, but that would change soon enough.  Jody adjusted her strap-on, making sure it was tight before she walked around the bench again, her boots quiet on the concrete floor of the basement.

“Ready for more?” Jody asked, tapping the end of the cane on Pam’s naked ass.  There were already three stripes across her cheeks, and Jody was wet just looking at the lines.

“Whatever you’ve got,” Pam said with more attitude than was really necessary.  Besides, it really wasn’t a proper response from a sub anyway.

Jody unbuttoned her shirt and let it fall to the floor, kicking it toward the stairs before she dragged the tip of the cane over Pam’s thigh and down between her legs.  She trailed it over the soft skin of Pam’s inner right thigh, then wedged it between the lips of her pussy, dragging it back and forth.

“What was that?” Jody asked, eyebrow rising.

Pam let out a soft chuckle.  "Oh, was I supposed to call you mistress or something?“

Jody pulled the cane away from Pam’s pussy, then smacked it up against her, smirking when Pam closed her legs and whimpered.  "Mistress.  Ma’am.  Master.  Goddess.  Hell, you can even make up your own title for me.  Never thought I’d get you into my basement, and if that means listening to you come up with all sorts of-”


Jody froze, mouth falling open just a bit as she tried to wrap her head around the word that came from Pam’s lips.  "Uhm, huh?“  She tilted her head.

"You said I could come up with whatever title I wanted,” Pam said, shrugging as much as she could in the ropes criss-crossing her arms and back.  Her wrists were pinned to her sides, and when the ropes came off, she’d have lovely patterns all over her skin.  "I want Smexy.“

Jody shook her head and smiled before tapping the cane on the back of Pam’s thighs.  "May I ask how you thought of that?  I mean, what even is that?”

“Smart and sexy,” Pam said, then let out a throaty laugh, obviously thinking herself hilarious.

Jody couldn’t wipe the smile off her face.  This is why she’d fallen for Pam.  This and all the other things that made up the woman she planned to spend the rest of her life with.  "Okay, Smexy it is.“

Pam let out a yelp as Jody brought the cane down on her ass.  "Thank you, Smexy Mama.”

Jody paused, wondering if she could do this while Pam yelled out that ridiculous title, but then she saw the way Pam was squirming, her pussy on display, the lines Jody applied to her backside so pretty, and Jody realized there was no way in hell something like a stupid title could hinder her arousal.

“Count them out for me,” Jody said, tapping the cane over Pam’s left ass cheek.

“How many do I get before you’ll give me your big cock?” Pam asked.

Jody’s clit twitched, but she kept her composure.  She’d been doing this long enough that little things couldn’t rattle her.  "We’ll start with ten and see how nicely you beg for it.“

Pam chuckled, her ass cheeks jiggling a little.  "Hell, I’ll beg now!  Give me that big, thick cock, Smexy Mama.  Please, need it so bad!”

Okay, so maybe a few things could rattle Jody.

Shit Nobody Told Me: A Little Something Extra


Title: A Little Something Extra
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing(s): Jess/Ruby
Warnings/Tags:  Vaginal fingerfucking, cunnilingus, squirting, bad sex, humor, crack
Alternate Link:  AO3

Wondering what I’m doing? See my original post about Shit Nobody Told Me, part of The Fucklets Series.

Jess had never been with a woman before, but it was college, and
she’d always been attracted to the female form, just never had the
opportunity in the small town she grew up in. And Ruby was so fucking

“Mmm-yeah, right there!” Jess moaned as Ruby fingerfucked her, licking her clit and hitting all the right places.

was wonderful and perfect, and with the remaining part of her logical
brain left online, she wondered why she’d ever tried so hard to like sex
with men, because this was it. She’d found what she’d been looking

“So beautiful,” Ruby said, lips grazing Jess’ inner thigh in a
quick kiss before she went back to licking and sucking at Jess’ clit.

Oh! Ruby, please! So good! Please!” Jess yelled, not giving one
shit about the fact that she’d get a complaint from the upstairs
neighbors later.

Ruby smirked at her, pulling back enough to watch
Jess, look her in the eye as she used her thumb on Jess’ clit, rough in
just the right way as she pushed Jess’ pussy with her index and middle

“Yes! There! Ruby, yeah!” Jess yelled as she squirmed
and writhed on the bed, almost there, almost. “Fuck, yeah-oh! Oh,
shit!” she wailed as she sat up, eyes wide and her cheeks turning pink,
mouth open as she stared at Ruby’s very wet hand.

Ruby looked up at her with wide eyes, a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth, a hint of mischief in her expression.

“I didn’t mean to pee!” Jess said frantically, waving her hands at her sides. “I swear I didn’t mean to pee! I’m sorry!”

smirked, dirty and so hot Jess almost forgot about what she’d done.
“Oh, sweetie, you didn’t pee. You squirted! That was so fucking hot,

“Huh?” Jess said, face screwed up in confusion. “That
was squirting? Really?” When Ruby nodded, Jess let out a huff and
shook her head. “It was nothing like what happens in porn! That was squirting? I squirted? Seriously?”

“Hell, yeah!” Ruby said, thoroughly pleased with herself. “Wanna taste?”

Jess eyed Ruby’s wet fingers and grimaced. “Is it gross?”

Ruby shrugged. “It’s a little more bitter than the slick you make, but it’s still good.”

okay,” Jess said, then wrapped her lips around Ruby’s fingers, sucking,
but quickly pulled back, making a sour face. “It’s not as good.”

Ruby chuckled. “No, but it’s fuckin’ hot that I made you squirt,” she said, giving Jess a wink before licking her hand clean.

“So you liked it?” Jess asked, cautiously hopeful.

loved it,” Ruby said, getting to her knees and kissing Jess. “And I
wanna make you do it again so you can enjoy the awesome orgasm that
comes along with it instead of freaking out.”

Jess giggled. “Okay.”

Ruby kissed her again, lowering her to the bed and gently cupping a breast. “You’re amazing,” she whispered in Jess’ ear.

Inspiration: “The first time I squirted, I freaked out because I thought I’d pissed myself.”