Okay, Fun Drunk, I’m gonna send you a prompt since you asked for it :D A newly-human Cas getting drunk for the first time. He’s a fun, adorable, giggly, handsy, adventurous drunk, and Dean LOVES it. And Dean loves Cas too.


~Ooh, I love it!!~

Dean didn’t think he would ever forget this night.

He and Sam had gone on a supply run, and picked up two cases of beer. Dean made burgers and fries for dinner, and he, Sam, and Cas had broken into the first case of beer.

Cas made a hilarious drunk, Dean was finding out.

After only four beers, Cas was giggling like a schoolgirl at Sam’s stupid jokes. After five, he was flipping the satellite television onto the 80s music channels, and singing along.

And after six….he got a little handsy.

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This was adorable!  Thank you!  It was sweet and goofy and… thank you 🙂