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Having taken so many physical anthropology/anatomy courses in my life, the problem with describing two characters touching in fic is I want to use the anatomical terms for body parts… like, “he traced the line of Cas’ zygomatic” sounds clinical and unromantic af, but writing “cheekbone” sometimes strikes me as inaccurate and weird, like I have to stop and think if cheekbone is the correct word for that body part.

Maybe I should write an anthropologist!Cas fic. Cas would be enamored of Dean’s bone structure and use scientific anatomical terms for body parts. Dean would be so weirded out at first, but then he’d totally fall for the awkward, socially inept, slightly creepy scientist that Cas is.

I don’t have the link right now, but I read a fic years ago that was a medical play fic and the whole thing was done like that, the proper names for everything, and it was SO FUCKING HOT because the main character was very into medical shit and the one he was doing it to just melted because he knew this was his partner’s profession and ugh, it was just so hot.

I also read an SPN fic where Alastair tortured Dean this way. Each part he broke or cut or burned or hurt was named calmly and softly as he did it, and the fic was Dean having flashbacks of this and how it actually calmed him down because Alastair never took it too far like others down in Hell did. It was always controlled.

@geek-kitty, I FOUND ONE OF THEM!!

It’s dark (duh), topside, and Sam is in the room and doesn’t understand why this is a calming thing for Dean. Very cool, and I’m totally reccing it.

These Bones of Mine by amaresu

I don’t even remember what fandom the first fic was. I read it so long ago that I don’t even know if I have it bookmarked. Thankfully I had bookmarked amaresu’s fic and was able to find it by search my stuff for Alastair+bones 🙂