I am still laughing over the phrase “serf semen.” My condolences on your loss in the SPN Coldest Hits March Challenge. At the same time, you have clearly made an important contribution to fandom. Keep up the good work! XX



SERF SEMEN is my legacy and my greatest moment in fandom, I want it on my grave stone!

this reminds me that i really need to read your last coldest hits

I’m still yet to catch up with all of the coldesthits last month!

Here’s some genuine recs, like it’s not promo war right now, so I sincerely rec these:

The one by @powerfulweak Samandriel/Cain with kinda little red riding hood Samandriel.
The one by @brainsforbabyjesus seriously hot Triffid POV.
The one by @setaeru because everything they write is gold.
The one by @bloodandcream made me scream/giggle in horror.

I’ll rec some more when I revisit!

Last day before promo war ends!

I Should Have Known by @reaperlove77
She’s Destiel Trash AF But Nobody Say That To Her Face by @mishabethyname
Destiel Trash by @whataboutthefish
Not Everybody Needs Roses by @powerbottomsammywinchester
Trash AF by @mayalaen
I Knew You Were Trope When You Walked In by Angrysouffle
Alleyway Romance by @bloodandcream
It’s a Total Dump Out There by @soupernabturel
Shipper Heaven by @prettymessedupsituation

Thanks for pointing out the broken link Maya, I’ve fixed it. Everyone reblog this list.