fic review: night at the fish zoo by rosemoonweaver

It was cute and hot at the same time. Loved the banter between Cas and Jimmy. Dean’s innocence was adorable as well. Without giving too much away, you’re going to find yourself saying “awwwww” out loud more than once and maybe needing a change of underwear during the hawt parts

I give this fic five out of five octopi 🐙





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FIC REVIEW Title: Night at the Fish ZooAuthor: @rosemoonweaver Pairings: Dean/Cas/JimmyWord Count: 5.8kLink: AO3 Summary: Jimmy and Castiel Novak have a pretty easy job. As night guards at the aquarium, all they really have to do is make sure no one gets in and screws with the fish. Which, ya know, no one ever does. …


Fic Review

The Adventures of Farmer Castiel, Sammoo, and Deanmoo Chapter 4, “Pregnant Cow”  by @mayalaen

Rating: Explicit (the fic as a whole. “Pregnant Cow” is pretty wholesome, I’d say)

Ship: Wincestiel, Castiel/Bees

Summary: Farmer Cas, Deanmoo, and Sammoo welcoming someone new to their farm.

Review: As I said in my comment on the fic itself, THIS WAS TOO CUTE. No lie, I thought I’d be getting a half-cow half-human creature and instead we get a sweet lil cow instead that is not terrifying in the slightest. We’re even given a picture at the end of what Sammoo’s baby looks like! Cue me squeeing in delight. Read it! Read the thing! If you’re too nervous to read previous chapters given the tags on this fic I’d say you can read “Pregnant Cow” as an enjoyable standalone.


A FIC REVIEW!! Thank you <3