Fic Recs: Deadmockingbirds

I have to rec Deadmockingbirds’ fics. Lots of discipline spanking, which is always a plus for me, but the stories are very interesting too. Plot and feels and fluff and lots of good stuff!

The Winchester Series – Dean gets de-aged, then gets adopted by Sam & Castiel, who are a married couple hoping to make a family. There is discipline spanking in this.

My Husband’s Rules – Unrelated Sam/Dean, AU where Dean being married off means he has to follow his husband’s (Sam) rules. Dean gets spanked a lot 😀

Those are my two favorites, but check out the other fics on AO3.

Landslide by Aphnxrising | Archive of Our Own

Landslide by Aphnxrising | Archive of Our Own mayalaen: Title: LandslideAuthor: Aphnxrising aka @smightymcsmightertonFandom: KingsmanPairing: Merlin/EggsyWord Count: 10k & countingRating: Teen for Now/Adult in Later ChaptersTags: ABO AU, De-Aged!Merlin, Alpha!Merlin, Omega!EggsySummary: Eggsy’s never been one to let his status as an omega stop him from going after what he wants. After V-Day Merlin and Eggsy …

Fic Recs: Majesticduxk

@majesticduxk writes a lot of spanking fic, and as you may have noticed I really like spanking fic, so I simply have to rec some stuff.

A Traditional Family – It’s unfinished, but definitely not abandoned. Dean/Castiel & almost-but-not-quite-there-yet Sam/Gabriel ABO AU with lots of discipline and erotic spanking!

Savage Dragon – This is very odd, but in a good way. Sam/Dean and DRAGONS!

Their First Christmas – Castiel/Gabriel/Lucifer, again very different, but so fluffy and cute and… yeah it’s adorable!

To Make a Nest – Lucifer/Gabriel/Castiel/Michael/Sam/Dean ABO AU with lots of sex and feels and fluff!

And check out the other fics on AO3.

Fic Recs: bloodandcream

Because @bendoverandbiteyourgag aka @bloodandcream has aroused me WAY too much, I need to rec her fic. Something for everyone, lots of pairings and kinks, and don’t forget to read warnings 🙂

Quiet and Noise – Destiel+spanking

Earn It – Castiel/Hannah/Meg pegging & BDSM (I still haven’t recovered)

Shuck It – Dean/Cain (the now-famous corn-y fic)

Impulse – Abaddon/Rowena ABO/Soulmates AU

Tossed Salad – Sam/Cain

After Hours – Destiel medical kink

Sugar Sweet – Dean/Donna oral fetish

Bruised – Wincest rough sex

Those are some of my favorites, but there are TONS more, and you can read them on AO3.