Fic Rec: X-Files

Title: Chains Universe
Author(s): Diana Williams aka dkwilliams
Pairing: Skinner/Mulder (also Skinner/OMC and Skinner/Krycek in Forging the Chains)
Word Count:
Summary: In Chains of Desire, Mulder takes a walk on the wild side and Skinner has to rescue Mulder
from the consequences of his actions. They form a new working
relationship. In Forging the Chains, Skinner joins the Dionysus Club and explores a hidden part of himself.

Chronologically Forging the Chains comes first, but I read Chains of Desire first and I don’t feel as if I missed out on any of the experience having done that. Forging the chains includes Skinner/OMC and Skinner/Krycek.

Please Note: This fic is not finished and hasn’t been updated in years. I’m not sure if the author ever plans on finishing it, but it’s totally worth reading anyway. I’m not the type that reads a lot of WIP, but I’m very glad I read this one!

Why I’m Reccing This: The characters in this fic are so fleshed out and there’s a depth to this fic that just pulled me right in and didn’t let go of me. Yes it’s Mulder and Skinner, but at the same time it’s not and yet it feels like it’s the untold story of their personal lives instead of “just” fanfic. The BDSM is very well done in this, the sex scenes are hot, there’s drama, there’s plot, and it’s easy to get lost in this fic. It’s definitely one of my favorites.

Keep in mind the scenes of BDSM in this fic aren’t light and fluffy. This is heavy BDSM, but it’s done right and is a very nice read. This includes a very wide range of kinks and instruments.

Fic Rec: X-Files

Title: Seventeen (at DitB, at, at
Author(s): Lorelei
Pairing: Gen/None
Krycek & His Older Brother
Word Count: 17,329
Summary: Pre-series fic where a 17-year-old Krycek gets in trouble with his big brother.

Why I’m Reccing This: I love discipline spanking fic, and this is one of my favorites. Young Alex Krycek has a very protective older brother, and when Alex is caught smoking weed, his brother takes a belt to him.

But it’s not just about the spanking. There’s a buildup, and there’s so much emotion and caring on the part of the big brother that by the time Krycek gets it I felt bad for the brother because he really wants the best for his baby brother.

There’s lots of squirming on Krycek’s part – one of my favorite aspects of discipline spanking that is very drawn out and detailed in this fic. This fic is one of my favorites, and I’ve read it many times over the years.

Fic Rec: SPN/X-Files

Title: Getting Bent
Author(s): vagabondage aka zen
Pairing: Krycek/Dean
Word Count:
Summary: PWP in which Krycek turns Dean’s world upside down, and much to Dean’s dismay, he likes it.

Why I’m Reccing This: It’s really, really hot. It’s from Dean’s POV, and it can easily be read as Dean/OMC if you aren’t an X-Files fan.  Dean gets hustled by Krycek
playing pool, loses the bet for the privilege of doing “whatever the
fuck he wants” to Krycek.  Dean has his first time somewhat reluctantly,
but enjoys it thoroughly. This is amazingly hot with Krycek
being intense yet charming at the same time – in character, Dean is a little
scared and yet turned on by what Alex is doing to him. It’s set in the Stanford era just after Dean and John split up.

Keep in mind that this could be read as dub-con, but make no mistake, Dean has a great time!

Fic Rec – The Blacklist

Title: The Beasts That Howled
Author(s): slashmyheartandhopetoporn
Pairing: Red/Donald
Word Count:
Summary: One night Reddington stares
long and hard at Donald, who’s a few drinks past tipsy, before asking,
“Have you ever had sex with a man, Agent Ressler?” and Donald almost
chokes on his scotch.

Why I’m Reccing This:  This was my first Blacklist fic, and it continues to be my favorite. Red decides to woo Donald,
slowly because Donald has never been with a guy before. It’s a nice
progression and the writer has Red’s voice down fairly well. I’ve read it a number of times because it just… feels good!