More fics!!



In addition to Dean and Cas Work At Lush by @violetlyvanilla we now have two more fics.

I’ve Got Your Number, Son by @oddsocksandstuff

Where’d the Talisman Go? by @dreamsfromthebunker

Go read these fics and shower them in kudos and comments.  Also, if you were considering writing for this month, there’s still plenty of time to get your fic posted.  You have until midnight tonight, so let’s give these fics some competition!

Two more fics!

Through the Looking Glass by @grey2510

You Can Lead a Winchester to Water by @perfackles

I’ve been told we’re waiting on one fic, since the writer had to go to work, but if you were waiting for fics before you start promo’ing, here they are!  Let the promo wars begin!

Here it is, the final fic…

Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing by @writergamermom