Attention all Chitters!



See what I did there! Chitters… coldest hitters! I’m hilarious. 

Ok now the dad jokes are out of the way, the team here at SpnColdestHits have some serious things to talk about. As some of you may be aware our beloved Souff has left the world of Tumblr for a real life break. She has been an integral part of this challenge, and we are all very sad to see her go. 

But never fear Chitters! Because we are still in contact and our angry pastry is doing really well. 

She will always be part of the heart and soul of this masterful disaster of a challenge, but even though she has left we’re going to keep her cheeky Tumblr spirit alive and keep the challenge going.

This challenge was the brainchild of Souff and @mayalaen and as you have probably seen we are really lucky to have Maya on the mod team.  

The mysterious and elusive @whataboutthefish is coming out of the bubbles to take on a bigger role and we are introducing our newest mod @dreamsfromthebunker who will bring their own flavour of awesome fantastic to the challenge. 

Although we may not be able to fill Souff’s shoes completely we hope to make her proud. So please stay tuned because we will be updating the site and bringing @fancythingsandgossamerwings awesome July prompt idea to you very soon.  

Watch this space 

Peace Love and Shenanigans 

The ColdestHits Mods



I’m just happy that everyone is okay. 🙂 

I can’t wait for the prompt too eheheehe I’m cool with whatever you guys do with it.

P.s. whoever wrote “Chitters” is awesome. (Was it @whataboutthefish?) Dad jokes are great. PLEASE PLEASE CAN WE AAAAALL BE CHIPMUNKS? Or whichever animal is related to the word chitter. Bleh, idk.

It was I the mighty Fish!  

Do we need a vote on which animal represents us Chitters?