Time Travel Anon here (ha!) Fishie mod is such a sweetheart. I feel like the few times you come out of hiding are always worth so much. Mayalaen has so much going on but still finds time to do this every month! Dreameroo is hilarious, I love everything that she reblogs. Thank you for everything you’ve done! Maybe I WILL write that fic, and let you know when I post it. :) Thank you for always being so encouraging.


I love the Mods here in fact I love everyone at ColdestHITS you guys are what keep me coming back.

Sorry i’ve been hiding in my cave so much, you know how life can be… but i thank all the gods in the pantheon for @mayalaen and @dreamsfromthebunker those guys are the bomb diggity!

Lets just take a moment to cheer for my fellow mods and their amazing work!

And for you TTAnon, i’m sending all the good vibes to your brain.  Can you feel them? they are like fat fingers massaging your neurons!  enjoy 

Love FIshie xoxoxoxo