revenge is a dish best served hot as hell; a Rowena and Crowley ficlet


Her eyes were closed; the smell of sulfur surrounded her. She felt herself settle into her body, like she never had before.

“Mother.” She opened her eyes at the sound of his voice. Torches lit the chamber they were in. She was laying on a stone altar of sorts.

“Fergus?” She sat up slowly. Something felt…different.

Crowley was there, and there was a hint of a smile on his face.

“Welcome back, Mother. I have something to show you.” He brought a small hand mirror from behind his back.

Rowena stared at him, at the mirror. “What is it, Fergus?” she asked, suspicious as usual.

“Just look,” he said, and raised the mirror in front of her face.

She blinked.

Her eyes were a solid red.

She blinked again.

Her eyes were green.

She was a demon.

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I just had this feeling you were going to do this 😀