How about Cas living in the bunker, being accepted for a Winchester and being with Dean…that’s the backstory…He’s staying Dean, it’s his home…Now as for the plot Cas wants his damn guinea pig already!

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Destiel

Rating: Gen

Tags: Established Dean/Cas, canon divergent, Bunker fluff

Square Filled for SPN Fluff Bingo: Engagement

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“Our lives are too complicated for pets,” said Cas, deep and solemn, as serious sounding as when he was discussing hunts.

And yet…

“For fuck’s sake, Dean, I can’t even keep a Goddamn cactus alive in the Bunker, there’s no sunlight!” Sam threw up his arms in exasperation.

And yet…

“They’re…impractical.” Cas sounded like he was trying to convince himself.

And yet…

“What, are you going to clean up after it? You can’t even remember to put your socks in the hamper!” Sam scoffed.

And yet…

…Team Free Will needed a mascot.

That was it.

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Fraises Enrobées de Chocolat

This quick and sloppy ficlet is my Valentine’s day present to @mansikkaomenabanaani. She is a lovely human and an amazing author (http://archiveofourown.org/users/mansikka).

Special thanks to @jemariel for helping me brainstorm, @celesteandtheirfandoms for the title translation, and both @60r3d0m and @seraphdean for their encouragement!

(Human!cas, no timeline, established)

Edit: I spelled the title wrong in the first post of this! Sorry to embarrass you, @celesteandtheirfandoms!

Dean was bone tired as he trailed into the grocery store behind Cas. It was damn near three in the morning, and he’d just spent seven hours driving back from a grueling rugaru hunt. His dreams of getting cozy with his memory foam had been dashed when he discovered they were out of beer. And bread. And eggs.

Cas however, who’d wisely chosen to sit this one out, was bursting with energy, a shopping basket tucked in the crook of his elbow. He made a beeline for the garish pink and red Valentine’s display lining the wall adjacent the entrance. Dean winced at the thump of his boots on the tile as he watched Cas inquisitively pick up stuffed animals and trail his fingers over floral displays. He wondered how ridiculous they looked considering Cas was in flannel pyjama pants and house shoes while Dean was still dressed from the drive.

Dean stopped in front of a table of bakery items. His eyes glazed over as he idly wondered why pie wasn’t considered a Valentine’s day food. He deserved some pie for running errands after such a long day. When was Valentine’s day anyway? Today? Yesterday? He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t hear Cas sidle up beside him.

“What are these, Dean?”

Dean jumped at the sound of Cas’ gravel bitten voice. “Huh, what?” he asked, his tone edgy.

Cas hummed thoughtfully before pointing down at a box of chocolate covered strawberries, “I suppose more accurately, my question is why is this fruit covered in chocolate? Would that even taste good?”

Dean couldn’t help the little smile that crept onto his face. “‘Course it’s good, chocolate’s sweet, berries are sweet…” he trailed off, gesturing vaguely in hopes of Cas understanding him despite his lack of verbal finesse after a 20 hour day.

Cas frowned, “Strawberry aren’t berries; their name is a misnomer. Strawberries are actually an aggregate accessory fruit, meaning they are receptacles for the plant’s ovaries rather than the ovaries themselves.”

Dean fixed Cas with his best ‘really?’ face of frustration as he processed Cas’ lecture. Finally he broke their stare off with a sleepy giggle. Cas rolled his eyes, “Are you laughing because I said ovaries?”

Dean’s delirious titter broke into a full laugh. Cas frowned at him. “Ok, ok, I’m sorry,” Dean said after composing himself, “Why don’t you think they’d be good?”

Cas sighed, clearly still frustrated with Dean’s juvenile behavior, “I just don’t think the soft, grainy texture of the strawberry would pair well with the solidified chocolate.”

Dean shrugged, “I dunno Cas, most people seem to like them.” He picked up a box and scoffed, “Twenty dollars? At that price, they better blow me too!”

“Do you think that’s an unreasonable amount for the product or an unreasonable amount to spend on showing one’s affection?” Cas asked sourly.

“All I’m saying is you can get a box of strawberries and a candy bar for less than ten bucks!” Dean complained, still looking affronted.

Cas glared at the confectionaries for a moment longer. Finally he turned on his heel to stalk off, calling back to Dean, “We need bread, correct?”

Cas stopped again when he felt the basket dip. He looked behind him just in time to see Dean placing the strawberries inside. Dean grinned apologetically at him, “Best to form your own opinion, right?” Cas smiled softly in return.

Dean admired how well the cashier hid her discomfort as she scanned the fifth container of salt. Cas was busy giving a cold case of energy drinks a judgemental look when the cashier reached the strawberries. Her eyes lit up as she slid the striped pink box over the scanner. “Are these for your partner?” she inquired exuberantly. Dean stammered out a nonsensical answer as his ears warmed with a blush. He paid quickly and gathered Cas and the groceries in an attempt to make a quick escape.

Unfortunately for Dean, Cas hadn’t missed the cashier’s innocent question. He shot Dean a mischievous grin as the doors slide shut behind them. “Does this make me your valentine, Dean?” he teased.

“Shut up,” Dean quipped, even as a smile crinkled his eyes. He shifted the groceries to one hand and slung an arm around Cas.

Cas pressed a kiss to Dean’s cheek, “I’m not sharing the fruit if you don’t say it.”

Dean laughed as he leaned his head against Cas’, “More for you, sweetheart.”


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU that helped a lot. Some of my problems are neurological+asthma so pneumonia one was also wonderful, you’re the best💕💕💕💕


you’re so welcome! since you had to wait for a reply, here’s another irredeemably fluffy little will story from further down the road in their relationship (let’s say after hannibal comes clean about being the chesapeake ripper).

  • after he wakes up from a nap one afternoon, will wanders downstairs in search of his papa. he isn’t in the kitchen, like will expected; instead, he’s in the dining room, setting the table with what looks to be a very nice new tea set. it’s will-sized, which makes will giggle, but then he remembers that boys aren’t supposed to have tea parties, and he stops giggling.
  • hannibal beckons him over. “i give parties,” he reminds will, pulling will’s thumb out of his mouth.
  • “that’s different. you don’t invite Padengia to those,” because there is will’s bear–hadn’t he gone to sleep with it, though?–sitting at the head of the table, head just peeking over.
  • “i had tea parties when i was little.” hannibal takes will’s other thumb out of his mouth. “thumbs are for tiny wills, darling.”
  • he doesn’t feel tiny anymore, not like this morning. will frowns, but he sticks his thumbs in his pockets. papa smiles–the real smile, the big smile–and will smiles back. it’s nice.
  • even if he does still want his thumb back.
  • “you made tea parties?” papa nods. “with your sister?” papa nods again, more slowly. will climbs into his lap; talking about almost-aunt mischa makes papa sad, so will wraps his arms around his neck. “did she make you do it?”
  • hannibal holds will tightly. “no,” he says, “i liked them, too. i gave them, and she attended.”
  • “did you make invitations?”
  • “of course.”
  • “did you make her write back?”
  • “no,” says hannibal, catching the chuckle in his chest, relaxing bit by bit. “no, i did not.”

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Ugh this is so freakin’ adorable I can’t even stand it. Hannibal indulging Will and Will being careful about the whole Mischa thing! And you just about killed me with the boys can’t have tea parties thing. Ugh! SO CUTE.

I love that you include Will looking out for Hannibal too. So many writers of little!play fics concentrate on the papa/daddy being all big and caretaker extraordinaire and don’t bother showing how it’s a symbiotic relationship and not just one-sided. Thank you!!