Teenagers realize foreplay is a thing, right? A very good thing?

I keep seeing all these scenes in TV shows and movies where people go from 0 to fucking in under 10 seconds.  While that can be fun, there’s this thing called lubrication, and a woman’s body makes it when she’s aroused before she has sex.  Her cervix also lengthens and relaxes the more she’s aroused.  Both of these things mean sex isn’t painful (unless you’re into that).

If you’re a dude getting fucked, even just a little foreplay means you’re more relaxed and stretched.  Being really aroused means things don’t hurt, especially after the first time.

TV and movies aren’t real.  Don’t let anybody tell you that you’ll ruin the passion or excitement by fooling around some before something gets shoved into a hole.  Don’t let anyone tell you sex has to hurt.