endellionaeternus: @mayalaen I want you to know that this thing I wrote based off your prompt is both dirty and rough around the edges lol. It’s also 95% porn with a little bit of hole-riddled plot 😂 Merry Christmas! Okay… without spoiling any of this IT’S REALLY FUCKING HOT AND YOU HAVE TO READ THIS!! …

new fic: room for two more


Title: Room for Two More
Link: AO3
Square Filled: Free Space (polyamory/swapping)
Ship: Jensen/Jared/Misha/Vicki with established Misha/Vicki
Rating: NC-17/Adult/Explicit
Tags: femdom, consensual non-consent, threesome, foursome, manhandling, swapping/polyamory, rough sex, anal sex, oral sex, blowjob, cunnilingus, double penetration (one hole), spitroasting, facefucking, facesitting, fear kink, painplay, dirty talk, voyeurism, masturbation, partner swapping, roleplay, exhibitionism, nipple play, hair pulling, no safeword, size difference, size kink
Summary: Vicki likes watching, and she sets up playdates, which might not be Misha’s favorite thing, but he gets off on what gets her off, and if that means letting random men she’s brought home fuck him while she watches, he’s all for it.  He just isn’t expecting to open the door and find two familiar faces.
Word Count: 9k
Written/Created for @spnkinkbingo.

This fic is too long to post on Tumblr, so please check it out on AO3.

Tag List: @pod7et @wanderingcas

new fic: room for two more

Title: Room for Two More
Link: AO3
Square Filled: Free Space (polyamory/swapping)
Ship: Jensen/Jared/Misha/Vicki with established Misha/Vicki
Rating: NC-17/Adult/Explicit
Tags: femdom, consensual non-consent, threesome, foursome, manhandling, swapping/polyamory, rough sex, anal sex, oral sex, blowjob, cunnilingus, double penetration (one hole), spitroasting, facefucking, facesitting, fear kink, painplay, dirty talk, voyeurism, masturbation, partner swapping, roleplay, exhibitionism, nipple play, hair pulling, no safeword, size difference, size kink
Summary: Vicki likes watching, and she sets up playdates, which might not be Misha’s favorite thing, but he gets off on what gets her off, and if that means letting random men she’s brought home fuck him while she watches, he’s all for it.  He just isn’t expecting to open the door and find two familiar faces.
Word Count: 9k
Written/Created for @spnkinkbingo.

This fic is too long to post on Tumblr, so please check it out on AO3.

Tag List: @pod7et @wanderingcas

Written for @spnpolybingo​​​​ Title: Wait ‘Til Papa Gets HomePairing(s): Sam/Lucifer/Abaddon/AzazelWord Count: 1229Rating: NC-17/Explicit/AdultTags: poly/group, slash, het, infantilism (sexual), fingering, handjob, diapers, pacifiers, abusive!Bela, baby!Sam, loving-Mommy!Abaddon, loving-Daddy!Azazel, loving-Papa!Lucifer, canon divergent AU, apocalypse avoided, hurt/comfort, breastfeeding, mention of bodily fluids but not in a sexual way@spnpolybingo​ Square: Azazel AO3 Link – Wait ‘Til Papa Gets Home – …

new fic: sounds like fun

Title: Sounds Like Fun
Pairing(s): Jensen/Misha/Danneel/Vicki & Jensen/Danneel & Misha/Vicki
Word Count: 5.3k
sounding, foursome (kinda), first-time, very mild D/s, fingering, kissing, handjob

Jensen’s never tried it. Danneel’s very interested. Vicki’s willing.
Misha’s totally there for it. Will a little fun change their friendship?

I’ve been prompting something similar for a long time and one night
decided I was done waiting for it to get filled, so I filled it myself.
Enjoy 🙂

Link: AO3

sounds like fun

Vicki has always made him feel comfortable in a
way he can’t quite put his finger on.  She was warm and inviting, but
could be loud and flirty and had an awesome sense of humor that
sometimes went over people’s heads.

Misha adored her, and Jensen
had no trouble seeing why.  She was easy to be around, in tune with
everything and everyone around her, and she adored Misha right back.  
Jensen couldn’t have picked a better partner for his friend than the
woman he’d already married.

As a couple, they were open and fun,
and more than once Jensen and Danneel had found themselves sharing
intimate details right along with Vicki and Misha.

So it wasn’t a
complete surprise when one evening at the dinner table, while they were
joking and laughing and eating a dish Jensen swore was one of the best
he’d ever had, Misha mentioned he and Vicki had played with their new
sounding kit the night before.

“Excuse me?” Jensen asked, eyebrows arching up.

“They’re tapered metal,” Vicki explained.  "You insert them into the urethra.“

wasn’t a kinky guy.  Before he’d met Danneel, he’d never even fucked a
girl in the ass before.  Even after Danneel had asked him to do it, he’d
hesitated, though he had to admit it had been fun. No, Jensen was a
vanilla kind of guy.  Not that he was against kinky things, but sex was
sex, and he was happy as long as his partner was happy.

yeah, I’ve heard of that,” Jensen said, giving Vicki a smile.  She was
always ready to explain things, and she never made it awkward.

“You’ve never tried it,” Misha said instead of asked.

shook his head, about to tell Misha and Vicki that even the thought of
something getting shoved up his dick made him want to cup his crotch.

“I’ve always wanted to try it,” Danneel said, leaning forward and putting her elbows on the table, pushing her plate away.

Jensen asked eloquently, blinking at his wife.  If the thought of
shoving something in his dick wasn’t reason enough to cup his crotch, he
didn’t even want to think about pushing a piece of metal inside
Danneel.  Just no.

Danneel chuckled.  "You’ve never been curious about it?“

"Pushing a cold piece of metal inside you?  No,” Jensen said, shaking his head.

“Okay, but what about me trying it on you?” Danneel asked.

it, she looked excited.  She was turned on by the idea.  Jensen
squirmed in his seat.  "I don’t know,“ he said, glancing at Misha and
Vicki, only to find Vicki trying to suppress a smile.

Misha leaned
back in his chair and wrapped an arm around his wife’s shoulders.  "It
feels amazing.  I can’t even really describe it to you.  Vicki is so
good at it that I’m begging for it by the time I finally come.  And I
come really fucking hard too.”

“Really?” Danneel asked, her body shivering with excitement.

could hear the interest in her voice, and that little desire in the pit
of his stomach flared.  He loved making her happy.  He wanted to give
her everything, and he knew without a doubt he’d do it if she wanted him

“I can show you how,” Vicki said.

Jensen sucked in a
breath and choked on his own spit.  He coughed and hacked while Danneel
patted his back, then took a sip of water when Misha handed him his

“It doesn’t hurt,” Misha said, and he really was trying to comfort Jensen, not tease him.

let me get this straight,” Jensen said, holding up a hand when all
three of them opened their mouths, ready to reassure him.  "You want to
demonstrate?  To teach DD how to do this?“

"Sure,” Vicki said,
nodding.  "I can either show her on Misha or, if you’re okay with it, I
can do it on you.  It’s not hard to learn, and once she’s got it, you
two can play at home.“

Jensen felt his cheeks flush, and as he
looked around the table at all the earnest expressions, his cheeks
flushed even more.  Jensen wished he was more open about sex like Vicki
and Misha, but growing up in a conservative home he just didn’t discuss
things like that at the dinner table.  A quick sex talk from his dad and
a follow-up from his mom just to make sure dad covered everything, and
that was it.

This was a huge step.  It was something that could
change the way they all saw each other.  It wasn’t as if they were going
to all move in together and become a foursome, but it would change the
dynamics, and there was always the chance it could ruin a friendship.

you want to think about it for a while, you can,” Vicki said.  Her
voice was soothing and accepting.  She wasn’t judging him.  Wasn’t
accusing him of being an uptight prude.  She was offering.

looked to Danneel, who was biting her lip.  That cute little thing she
did when she really wanted something but was holding back because she
didn’t like to run right over Jensen.  She had a strong personality,
which she was well aware of, and she was careful in their relationship
to make sure she didn’t squish her caring, mild-mannered husband.  It
was a partnership, and she was a damn good partner, making sure
decisions were made together between them.

“Okay, let’s say I do
this,” Jensen said, putting a hand on Danneel’s thigh when she let out a
little squeak of excitement.  "How would this go?“

"It would be
best if we did it in our bedroom,” Vicki said, “with you on the bed.  If
that sounds too invasive, we can do it in the living room with you
sitting on the couch.  Whatever would make you more comfortable.”

“From personal experience,” Misha said, “the bed is a much better option because of the positioning.”

Jensen nodded.  "Okay, then what?“

not a whole lot of preparation or fanfare involved,” Vicki said.  "We
keep things as sterile as can be in the situation and we also use lube.“

"What about Misha?” Jensen asked.

“He can be in the room if you want or I’ll make him wash the dishes while we have some fun,” Vicki said, shrugging.

“But…,” Jensen said, then sighed as he looked Misha in the eye.  "You don’t have a problem with this?“

Misha shook his head.  "No.  Not at all.  If you don’t want me there, it’s okay.  You won’t hurt my feelings.”

if I want you there?” Jensen asked, not too sure what Misha’s response
would be.  He knew Misha wouldn’t give him a hard time about it, but,
well, Jensen didn’t really know what to expect.

“I’ll sit in the
chair in the corner, stand next to the bed, or sit right on the bed with
you,” Misha said, smiling.  "Whatever makes you comfortable.“

"What do I have to do?” Jensen asked, looking between Misha and Vicki.

Misha chuckled.  "Enjoy yourself.  That’s it.“

Jensen took a cleansing breath.  "So… like right now?” he asked, rubbing his sweaty palms on his jeans.

don’t have to do this,” Danneel said softly, wrapping her right arm
around Jensen and pulling him close.  "You don’t have to do it tonight
or ever.  And if you want to think about it for a while, that’s okay

Jensen looked her in the eye.  "You want to do this?”

knew what he meant.  They’d spent so much time together, both as
friends and lovers, and they meshed so well that they could sometimes
even carry on conversations with just single words back and forth, even
just a look.  She knew he meant he’d do it for her, but that he didn’t
feel like he had to.  He was asking because he wanted to make sure she
really wanted it even though it was already obvious.

“Yeah,” she said, “but you don’t h-”

do it,” Jensen said, then leaned in and kissed her.  It was soft,
short, and both an acceptance and a reassurance passed between them.

“Dude you are going to love this,” Misha said, standing up and stacking the dirty plates.

huffed out a laugh.  "Can’t believe I’m doing this,“ he said, then
turned to Vicki.  "So everybody who tries this likes it a lot?”

shook her head.  "No.  Some people just don’t like the feeling and they
don’t get off on it.“  She held a hand up as Jensen opened his mouth.  
"If you don’t like it, we’ll stop.”

Jensen nodded.  "Okay, then.“

next few minutes were a blur in Jensen’s mind.  Danneel taking him by
the hand.  Walking down the hallway.  Misha and Vicki’s bedroom, which
he’d been in before, but so much different when he walked in knowing
what was going to happen.  Taking off his boots, socks.  Leaving his
T-shirt on, but shucking his button-down and nervously handing it to
Danneel.  He stood in the middle of the room, jeans and T-shirt too much
and too little all at once.

"You’ll be more comfortable if you
take off the jeans,” Vicki said as she pulled a bag out of her closet.  
“You can strip completely or leave your boxers and T-shirt on if you

For just a moment, Jensen had the desire to leave.  To just
walk out the door and act like none of this had happened.  He knew none
of them would give him a hard time.  All three of them were the most
understanding people he’d ever met.  He loved them all so much it ached.

eyed the door, flinching as suddenly Vicki was there in front of him, a
hand on his chest.  It was a calming gesture and not at all forcing him
to stay.

“It’s okay,” Vicki said softly, rubbing his chest.  "We’re just friends having some fun.  No expectations.“

was just what he needed.  His shoulders dropped and he smiled at her.  
"Thanks,” he said, some of the knots in his stomach letting loose.

took a step closer, her hands resting on his hips.  "Just an
observation and suggestion, and you can say no if you want, but it seems
to me you do well when you know exactly what to do.  When you’re taking
direction like on set.  That’s when you’re in your element.“

Jensen nodded.  "Yeah, it feels right.  Part of why I knew acting was for me.”

“Take your jeans off, fold them, and put them on the chair,” Vicki said as Misha walked into the bedroom.

read it for what it was; an offer to give up control.  She’d given him
orders, but was waiting to see if he’d do it or say no.  Again, he felt
the acceptance in her, and without a doubt he knew he could say no.  But
he wanted to do what she’d told him to do.

He unbuttoned his
jeans, then lowered them before stepping out of them and folding the
jeans, just like she’d told him to do.  He set the jeans on the chair,
then waited for his next instructions.

“Get on the bed,” Vicki
said as she pulled her tools out of the bag. “Put your back up against
the head of the bed, spread your legs, and get comfortable.”

did as he was told, smiling when Misha climbed on the bed without
asking and sat next to him, close enough their arms brushed up against
each other.  Misha sat crossed legged at Jensen’s right side, easy and
comfortable in a way that made Jensen relax even more.  Misha had taken
off his jeans at some point and was wearing just his boxers and T-shirt.

“You’ll be able to see best if you sit right here,” Misha said to Danneel, pointing at the spot by Jensen’s left knee.

slipped her shoes off, then climbed onto the bed, mirroring Misha’s
cross-legged position and facing both Misha and Jensen, her skirt riding
up enough that her upper thighs were visible, and Jensen reached over
and rested a hand on her right thigh, his pinkie subtly running over the
front of her panties, making her smile.

Vicki climbed onto the
bed, and Jensen finally noticed she’d stripped down to just her panties
and one of Misha’s button-down shirts.  He could see a bit of her bra as
she moved, and the soft skin of her thighs was visible just like
Danneel’s.  She’d pulled her hair back into a messy ponytail, and she
nudged her glasses up before squeezing something out of a tube onto her
left hand.

“I already washed my hands, but this is antibacterial hand cleanser,” Vicki said as she rubbed it onto her hands.

had another moment of panic when the reality of the situation hit him
again.  He squeezed his eyes shut, trying to breathe normally, hoping no
one would notice.

“Match my breathing,” Misha said, his body
pressed up against Jensen’s right side even more than before, his breath
pleasantly warm on Jensen’s shoulder.

Jensen controlled his
breathing, matching Misha’s, and opened his eyes just as Vicki started
rubbing his thighs, a hand on each leg.  Her hands were warm and strong
as she kneeled between his legs.

She continued massaging his
thighs until the panic receded, and then she settled, crossing her legs
just like Danneel and Misha.  Jensen looked down at her hands as they
got closer and closer to his crotch.  Instead of reaching into his boxer
briefs and pulling him out, she cupped his balls through the fabric,
gently kneading them.

He let out soft moan as the muscles in his
thighs relaxed just a bit more.  Vicki wasn’t shy, and her sure fingers
felt so good that he felt himself starting to harden.

“Hey!” Jensen said, frowning at Misha, who had just tweaked his right nipple through the shirt.

Misha ran his thumb over the nipple, flicking back and forth, and Jensen felt his cock twitch.

“Sensitive nipples,” Misha whispered.

chuckled, remembering the times Jared had taken advantage of Jensen’s
sensitive nipples, flicking them or poking him with something just to
hear the indignant yelp.  He didn’t really mind.  It was part of the
joking and fun on set.  But Misha was right, and his nipples were very

“You ever played with this Danni?” Misha asked, pinching Jensen’s nipple.

Danneel nodded, grinning.  "You should hear him whimper when I bite them.“

fingers moved over his cock, which was getting hard enough that Jensen
wanted to pull it out of his boxer briefs, but he let Vicki control the
pace of their play.

As she continued running the fingers of her
right hand over his length, she reached into the leg of his boxer briefs
with her left hand and tickled the underside of his balls.  Jensen
whimpered, then felt his face heat up a little when he realized he’d let
out a noise like that in front of his friends.

He didn’t have
long to freak out over that fact before Vicki pulled the waistband of
his boxer briefs away from his stomach and pulled his cock out with her
right hand.

Jensen hadn’t had another woman’s hand on his cock in
years.  He’d always been faithful to his lovers, and Danneel was
absolutely no exception.  A tightness developed in his chest as he was
suddenly hit by the guilt of letting it happen even though his wife was
sitting so close his fingers were brushing up against her pussy through
the panties.

"I don’t know if…,” Jensen said, then looked to Danneel as Vicki stroked him.

all consenting adults,” Vicki said, voice soft but firm.  "If Danneel
didn’t want this, she could stop us at any time.  Same goes for you,
Jensen.  Any time this becomes uncomfortable, any one of us can stop it.
 And if you’re unsure about it, you can ask her.“

"Ask her what?” Jensen asked, looking to Vicki.

She smiled.  "Ask her if she’s okay with this,“ Vicki said, giving his cock a firm squeeze.

eyes fluttered closed for a moment, and when he opened them, he looked
to Danneel.  "There’s a good chance she’s going to make me come,” he
said, a warning to his wife, whom he loved and would never betray.

“I know,” Danneel said, nodding as she put her hand over his.

love you,” Jensen whispered, even though he was really asking.  For
permission.  For reassurance this wouldn’t hurt them.  Hurt her.

smirked, then moved Jensen’s left hand, pushing her panties aside and
moving up against his hand, her pussy wet, clit twitching even as he
brushed his thumb over it.

Jensen smiled.  "I take it you’re on board for this,“ he said.

"Fuck yeah!” Danneel said, then leaned forward and kissed him, pushing her tongue into his mouth.

stroked him faster, her hand suddenly gliding over his cock instead of
dragging dry, and he bucked up into her hand.  Jensen heard the lid of
the lube clicking closed, and he moaned into Danneel’s mouth when he
realized it was Misha who had lubed his cock.

Danneel finally
pulled back, lips full and kiss swollen.  She was turned on and smiling,
no doubt in her mind about what was going on, and it gave him the
confidence he needed to turn to Vicki and nod.

“Okay, I’m good,” Jensen said to her.

going to feel so good,” Vicki said, holding his cock up straight before
looking to her husband.  "Could you add some more lube?“

nodded and opened the lube again.  Vicki squeezed the tip of his dick,
making his hole gape, and he gasped as Misha drizzled the cold lube over
his hole.

Vicki held his cock with her left hand, then reached
over and picked up one of the sounds from the case she’d gotten out of
her bag.

Jensen squeezed his eyes shut.  "I don’t wanna see that.”

“Open your eyes,” Vicki said.  "If you’re not paying attention and flinch, I could accidentally hurt you.“

obeyed, and his stomach clenched as he saw the long rod next to his
dick.  It looked way too big to fit in a hole he’d only ever pissed and
ejaculated out of.

"Don’t you have a smaller one?” Jensen asked, squirming.

but we’re not going to use them,” Vicki said, rubbing the tip of it
over his gaping hole.  "They’re too small.  What I’m using right now is
the third size up, meant for beginners.“

"That’s too big,” Jensen said, shoulders tensing as he tried to pull away from the tool she was dipping into his urethra.

“You sayin’ your dick’s too small?” Misha asked, and Jensen could hear the smirk.

Jensen shook his head.  "Not funny, Mish.“

"Yeah, it is,” Misha said, “because I did the same thing until Vicki put the tip in, just like that.”

let out a noise he’d forever deny was a squeak as Vicki pushed the tip
in.  He froze, expecting pain and a burning stretch and maybe even some
urge to scream, but instead it just felt like a pressure.  It wasn’t
even uncomfortable.

“See, it fits,” Vicki said, pulling it out,
then dipping it back in again.  "Going too small isn’t a good idea.  I’m
using one that should fit you.“

"You’ve got a big dick,” Misha said, nudging him playfully.

“Doesn’t seem so big when there’s a giant pipe getting shoved into it,” Jensen said, chuckling nervously.

pulled it out, then held it up.  "Stop comparing it to your dick.  It’s
a little smaller around than a pencil, and even though you should never
do it, a pencil would definitely fit, though it would be a stretch for a

"Okay, okay, just shove it in and get it over with,” Jensen said, squeezing his eyes shut.

flinched when Vicki started stroking his cock again, having expected
the sound pushing into his cock instead.  Jensen opened his eyes and
looked down at his dick.

“Where is it?!” Jensen nearly yelled.  "Is it in?“

Vicki said, letting go of Jensen’s dick and resting her hands on his
thighs.  "It’s not inside you.  It’s sitting on the paper towel.  You’re
too tense right now, so it wouldn’t feel good if I put it in.“

"Sorry,” Jensen said, wincing as he looked to Danneel, then Misha before meeting Vicki’s gaze again.  "I’m sorry.“

"It’s okay,” Vicki said, smiling.

is supposed to be fun,” Misha said, rubbing a hand over Jensen’s chest.
 "If you’re not enjoying yourself, we can always try again another

"No, I want to do this,” Jensen said, frowning.

how about we forget about the sound for a moment,” Vicki said, grabbing
the waistband of Jensen’s boxer briefs and pulling them down.

lifted his ass off the bed a bit, letting Vicki pull the boxer briefs
down his legs.  She tossed them behind her, then spread his legs again.

“Rub her clit,” Vicki said, leaning toward Danneel.

didn’t hesitate.  Danneel was warm and wet and she smelled so fucking
good, and Jensen welcomed the distraction.  He used his left thumb,
starting off gentle until she bucked up against him, then he started
flicking back and forth.

“This okay?” Vicki asked as she leaned over Jensen’s leg and nudged Danneel’s cheek with her nose.

Jensen groaned.  "Oh, fuck yeah,“ he said, then remembered Vicki’s husband was right next to him and turned to look at him.

Misha was grinning, love in his eyes as he watched his wife.  There was no doubt in Jensen’s mind Misha was okay with it.

gave Jensen one last look, making sure he didn’t mind before turning
and kissing Vicki.  Danneel spread her legs more, giving Jensen room to
play.  Jensen ran his index and middle fingers between Danneel’s labia
on either side of her clit, then pushed into her just as Vicki reached
down and palmed Danneel’s left breast, the lube on Vicki’s hand making
the blue fabric a few shades darker.

Jensen felt a hand around his
cock, stroking, and it took his brain a moment to catch up and realize
it was Misha.  Hand bigger than Vicki or Danneel’s, stronger, but still
just as good.  Maybe even better because Misha kept using a little twist
at the top that had Jensen getting hard all over again along with the
show he was watching, the girls kissing and touching each other.

"You want me to help you out?” Jensen asked Misha, feeling a little guilty that everyone else was getting off except Misha.

this is for you,” Misha said, leaning close, his mouth so close to
Jensen’s right ear that he could feel Misha’s breath.  "See what they’re
doing?  They’re doing it for you.“

Danneel moaned into Vicki’s
mouth as Jensen turned his hand, pushing his middle and ring fingers
into her as he used his thumb on her clit.  She reached out and pushed
her hands up Vicki’s shirt, cupping her breasts underneath the material.
 It was a tease, and Jensen nearly begged them to take the shirt off so
he could see.

"Well, okay, it kinda looks like Danni’s getting a kick out of it too,” Misha said, chuckling low and dirty.  "She’s mostly doing it for you.“

started rocking against Jensen’s hand, fucking herself on his fingers
as Vicki tilted Danneel’s head and sucked on her bottom lip.  Danneel’s
eyes were closed, her breathing heavy, and Jensen could tell she was
close to coming, her pussy clenching around his fingers as she chased
her orgasm.

"You know just how to get her off,” Misha said, that
dirty tone to his voice still there and doing things to Jensen that had
his dick twitching.  "Make her come.“

Jensen rubbed her clit
faster, using less pressure just the way she liked it as she got closer,
teasing her and pushing her closer to the edge even as Misha tightened
his grip around Jensen’s cock, stroking him faster.

"Oh!” Danneel
cried out, head falling back as Vicki sucked kisses over her neck and
down her chest, finally closing her mouth around a hard nipple through
the material of Danneel’s shirt and bra.  "Oh, oh, fuck!  Oh, yeah!  

Danneel’s pussy clenched hard around him, Jensen’s fingers
getting so wet from her that the sounds were obnoxious and fucking hot.
She had to be dripping onto the bed.

"Suck your fingers clean,” Vicki said, grabbing his wrist and pulling him out of his wife.  "Close your eyes and suck.“

groaned as he licked his palm, then sucked on his index and ring
fingers, where most of the mess was.  He closed his eyes, moaning as he
lost himself in the taste of Danneel.

Misha was still stroking his
cock, though not as fast as he had been before, and when Jensen felt a
mild stretch, he was ready for it.  It didn’t hurt, and he opened his
eyes, fingers still in his mouth, watching as the sound slowly dropped
into his cock, Misha’s hand steady as he stroked and Vicki’s hand
equally steady as she held the end of the sound, making sure it didn’t
fall too fast.

"Fuck,” Jensen said around his fingers, trying to
hold still when all he wanted to do was buck up and feel more of
whatever it was Vicki was doing to him.

It was a metal rod sinking
down into his cock, and he didn’t even care that it was foreign and
strange.  He wondered why he had been so scared of it in the first
place.  It didn’t hurt, and the stretching, sliding hardness moving up
his dick was something no other experience had come close to, and he
knew Misha had been right, that there was no describing it.

“Look,” Vicki said as she pulled the sound out a bit, then let it drop again.

fell in even more than before, and Jensen whined, the penetration so
deep he didn’t know what to do with himself.  Misha squeezed him, and
Jensen let out a groan that seemed to come all the way from his toes.  
He could feel the hardness inside him, the sensation magnified with
Misha’s grip.

“I’m fucking you,” Vicki whispered as she pulled the metal up, then let it drop.  Over and over again.

couldn’t take his eyes off the tip of his dick, watching as Vicki
fucked his cock.  Before their conversation at dinner, Jensen would’ve
laughed at the idea that he was a virgin in any sense, but with Vicki
pushing into him, someplace no one else had ever been, his breath
catching in his chest, he shuddered at the thought.  Vicki was taking
him while Danneel and Misha watched.

“You can see it here too,” Misha said, rubbing his thumb over the end of the sound near the base of Jensen’s cock.

Misha moved his thumb, and Jensen groaned, the end of the sound making his cock bulge just a bit as Vicki moved it.

“Ah, fuck!” Jensen cried out as Vicki jiggled the sound.

“Oh, that’s so hot,” Danneel breathed.

looked to his wife, who had her hand inside her panties and was playing
with herself while she watched his cock, her left hand cupping a
breast, thumb flicking over her nipple.

“Please,” Jensen breathed,
looking Vicki in the eye as he fisted the sheets on either side of his
hips.  "Fuck, Mish, move.  Do something.“

"No,” Vicki said, smirking.  "You’re going to come right like this.  Just from me fucking your cock.“

hand was still around Jensen’s dick, and Jensen wanted to scream at
him, make him move, make Misha get him off.  His balls were pulling up
tight, his cock hard and red, panting breaths as he tried to force
himself to stay still, not sure what would happen if he bucked up and
not willing to find out.

Danneel and Misha shared a look, then she
leaned in, and just as Misha’s mouth closed over Jensen’s right nipple,
Danneel started to suck on Jensen’s left nipple through his shirt.  
Misha was all teeth, and Danneel was all suction, Misha’s hand around
his cock squeezing as Vicki fucked his hole with the sound and someone’s
hand palmed his balls.  It was Danneel.  Danneel’s small but sure
fingers pulling, just this side of painful.

Jensen started to
whine, squeezing his eyes shut as his body locked up.  He yelped as
suddenly the sound was pulled out of his cock and he came so fast it
felt as if he was trying to follow the metal, trying to get it back
inside him as he came all over his shirt and Misha’s hand, some on
Jensen’s thighs and a glob on Vicki’s ankle.

His body twitched a
few times, having come harder than he could remember in the recent past,
and he let out a long and satisfied moan, his entire body relaxing
against the bed.

"That was fuckin’ amazing,” he said, voice slurred and a grin on his face.

“Do you guys wanna come?” Danneel asked, her right hand glistening and her half-lidded eyes telling Jensen she’d come again.

“No, this was for you guys,” Vicki said, shaking her head.

rolled his eyes.  "Okay, I’ve had a lot of fun and I’m totally on board
with the whole sounding thing now, so it’s time for you guys to get
off.“  He waved his hand in their general direction.  "C’mon.  Misha’s
dick is gonna fall off and Vicki’s so wet she’s probably made a mess of
those panties.”

“How do you know I’m wet?” Vicki asked, smirking.

“You right.  I’m not really sure,” Jensen said, chuckling.  He turned to Misha.  "Hey, Mish, can you check, please?“

was moving before Jensen even finished speaking, and with a mischievous
look on his face, he pounced on Vicki, shoving his left hand inside her
panties as she fell back, laughing and reaching for his boxers.

moved together like they knew each other’s bodies better than their
own, and Danneel snuggled up against Jensen as they watched Vicki arch
her back, hand wrapped around her husband’s cock, stroking as Misha
fingerfucked her so hard that her thighs were jiggling and her wet pussy
squelched against his hand.

Vicki came first, breathy little
noises as her body rolled up against Misha’s, toes curling.  Misha
wasn’t far behind, as if he was just waiting for her to come, and he
dropped his forehead down onto her chest, squeezing his eyes shut as he
cried out against her breast, hips jerking.

"That was so hot,”
Danneel whispered into Jensen’s left ear as Vicki grabbed Misha’s head,
pulling him up so she could kiss him, soft and sweet, smearing his own
release into his hair as she held him.

Misha pulled his wet
fingers out of Vicki and wrapped them around her right hip, caressing
her more than holding as he ended the kiss, nuzzling her cheek with his

“You guys wanna stay the night?” Vicki asked, still a little out of breath.  "It’s late and our bed’s really big.“

Jensen chuckled, then shrugged and looked to Danneel.  "You wanna?”

Danneel nodded.  "Yeah.  That sounds nice.“

"I built the shower to accommodate as many as six,” Misha said, grinning proudly.

“My handyman,” Vicki said, gazing up at her husband.

seating in there too,” Misha said in between placing kisses on Vicki’s
jaw and neck.  "We don’t have to stand to get clean.“

"You’re awesome, Misha,” Jensen said, and he wasn’t teasing.

Danneel groaned.  "I don’t suppose you have a way of getting us in there without getting off the bed, do you?“

curled onto her side, Misha spooning up behind her.  "We can rest a bit
first, then we’ll wash each other up,” she said as she closed her eyes.

Jensen scooted down, wrapping his left arm around Danneel as she used his chest as a pillow.  "Sounds good to me.“