Curse Me Good


Written for the J2 Jukebox prompt of Curse Me Good by The Heavy
Pairing: Clay Miller/Tom Hanniger (J2′s roles in Friday The 13th and My Bloody Valentine).
Tags: third-party POV, crossover pairing, blowjobs, voyeurism and serial killers (what more could you ask for?)
Rating: R, Wordcount: 4510
A/N: thanks to awesome betas @alulaspeaks and @zmediaoutlet for their feedback!


Friends of the Miller family said that Clay was a good kid, well liked, a good athlete, but tragedy seemed to follow him. A deadbeat dad, a cancer-stricken mother and then a missing sister. When his sister was murdered at Crystal Lake, it seemed to be the last straw.

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Tom Hanniger was pretty, even prettier than Clay, and the perfect picture of a rich boy with a Cupid’s bow mouth, groomed hair and soft manicured hands. Those soft hands, which had wielded a pickaxe to dig human hearts out of people’s chests, were struggling to open a small prescription bottle.

Clay made a soft snort. “Here, give it to me,” he said, extending his hand, his lips now turned up at the corners.

Tom looked at Clay’s face and licked his lips, before handing over the bottle. When the lid popped off, Clay handed it back and their fingers touched for a moment and Tom smiled back. “My hero. Always saving me.”

Clay laughed and bent down to place a soft kiss on Tom’s open lips. “Smartass.”