the most fugly curtains i’ve ever seen

The best reaction to a porn video I’ve ever seen was on a gay porn
forum a few years back. It was a spanking video, the spanker had the
spankee over his lap and was using a cane on him. It was an odd
position for a cane, but the spanker made it work, and soon the spankee
was squirming and crying out with the ridiculously fast movement of the

Then I looked up and saw the curtains. They were amazingly
bad! White with these huge palm trees in an obnoxious lime green with
fugly brown and there were green and brown splotches all over it like
they had been going for obnoxious Hawaiian shirt, then threw up and shit
all over it and… it was awful. I have to say they were the worst
curtains I’d ever seen in my life.

The fun started when I
scrolled down to look at the comments. Keep in mind these are not my
comments but rather the comments of the guys who frequent the forum. I still
remember every single one of them.

  • can’t masturbate to this
  • somebody tell me what was happening in the video because all I can see are those curtains
  • this guy can’t be gay look at those drapes
  • wtf is this?!
  • curtains gross can’t fap
  • somebody get a decorator oh my god
  • mods delete this video it’s breaking the rules of decency
  • my eyes! MY EYES!!
  • aaaaand there goes my erection
  • the von trapp family threw up all over the window
  • can’t cum eyes burning
  • video rating
    • bottom’s ass 8/10
    • top’s hotness 4/10 (top lost points for having hideous curtains)
    • spanking 8/10
    • drapes -7/10