fyi Verizon now has unlimited data but you gotta ask for it if you’ve already got an account

because of course they’d rather keep taking your money, but ask about it and not only will you get the unlimited data, but their prices have lowered.

My mom’s friend was paying $115 a month, and she’s now paying $85 for her plan and gets unlimited everything.

This is going to save my cousin’s ass because he won’t stop putting us over our limit, and as of today we’ve got unlimited 😀

Something New!!



Instead of the bingo having an end date, we’re going to have it continue on forever and ever until we’re all dead. After you’ve completed your first card, you can either request a second card and we can give you one based on the information you’ve already given us on the typeform, or you can redo the typeform and we can go based on that instead. It’s completely up to you.

~ Ashton

@spncoldesthits I feel like this could be relevant to the interests of some of the coldest hitters

Omg we are all going to play @spnrarepairbingo till we die. Its like perdition but kinky.