Gaath [Garth/Death] Headcanons


[For @coffeedcas, because we created gaath and there’s no going back now]

-Garth giving Death really good hugs and melting his icy heart

-Death finding it really not entertaining that post-coitus Garth always proclaims him to be “garthed” (‘haha, get it, Death? cause you’re a spirit and i just put you to rest with all that sex’ ‘you’re far from amusing, garth fitzgerald’)

-Death stealing food off of Garth’s plate cause Death’s gotta eat

-Death getting really freakin pissed when Garth binds him after they get into a fight and he tries to storm out and Garth wants him just to sit the fuck down and listen

-Garth and Death going on picnics cause why the fuck not

-Garth stealing Death’s ring b/c it makes killing the bad guys on hunts easier and when Death gets mad Garth just gives him puppy eyes and then Death is done for

-Garth making Death feel like he’s loved and cared for even though he’s a reaper and everyone else hates him (◕‿◕✿)

Just freaking Gaath, man

This is totally adorable!