game tip – unlimited turns

If you’re playing a game where they make you wait for more turns or lives or for things such as food to bake or appliances to get made, you can get around that and it won’t mess up your accomplishments.

While you’re playing the game (don’t exit the game), open your phone or tablet settings, turn off WiFi/your internet connection, then go to the Date and Time settings, then undo automatic date and time.

Once that’s done, go down to Set Time and set it ahead whatever amount of time the game wanted you to wait. Save the settings, then back out of it until you’re in your game again.

You can do this as many times as you want, and once you’re done playing, get out of the game, then change your phone or tablet back to automatic time and date.

The only time this messes up a bit is at the 11:59pm/12:00am changover, and to stop that from freaking out, set the time to 11:59pm, go back into your game, play it until the time switches to midnight, then go back in and keep moving the time forward.

Some apps have code in place to prevent this from happening, but most games don’t.

Have fun!