I don’t know if I should be all that proud of this, but since July 29, 2013 to now I’ve added another 1000+ bookmarks to my Diigo account, which means I now have just over 6000 bookmarks.

The sucky part is, I’ve been so busy with work that a good bunch of the bookmarks are “messy” or unfinished. I haven’t included summaries with most of them, and over 350 of them don’t have any tags at all.

This also means that if people decide to take their fic down, my links will be dead and I’ll have not saved the fic, which I do with a lot of things I find.

Using Evernote has really changed fandom for me. It used to be extremely frustrating when a writer would pull their work from the net. It’s their choice to do it, I’m not knocking a writer’s right to do what they want with their own fic. It’s just frustrating as a reader to lose fic.

So now that I save a lot of what I find in Evernote, that’s not an issue anymore. I have things nicely tagged and with summaries that are either personal (summaries I’ve written from what I’ve read) or author summaries.

Evernote also allows you to save the URL you’ve found the information, so even if someone pulls their personal site down, I’ve got the URL and can use The Wayback Machine