What are your top 3 favorite video games

Definitely The Sims is at the top, and really any other simulation game including things like Black & White, Civilization, Theme Hospital, all the Tycoon and “Sim” games, etc. Hmmm.. two more favorites. That’s a hard choice.

I really love all the 1-player console games. I have pretty much every console emulator on my computer and I’ve got TONS of old games like every Mario ever and racing games and sim games. I use a USB controller for that. I really suck at first person shooters, so I play those rarely. I guess I gotta just lump all the Mario games into one and call that my second favorite. My family likes the 2-4 player console games too, and we’ll all play tennis, Clue, and racing games together. Mom, aunt, dad, cousins.

Third has to be the Myst series. I love open world games, and solving things in an open world is fun. Oh man, The Dig was really awesome too.

I play a lot of games on my tablet – the silly little app games. I have accounts at Steam and Origin, and I’ll grab games now and then, but I really like a lot of the older stuff, which is free.

Ooh, Descent! I played that SO MUCH. I grew up with a guy who was really into gaming and we’d play that online for hours every night, hooked up by phone modem after my dad went to bed. 

More recently I’ve enjoyed things like Vapour and other horror games.

Hehe, that was more info than you asked for, but I get excited over games 😀