replied to your post “You definitely cannot stream live video from the dark web. …”

And you know this because???

Because I’m a network administrator and I understand how the dark web works. 


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Thank you!

I get so sick of people watching TV and movies and are like “but this SHOULD work because I saw it on a TV show!!”

TV and movies are not real, folks. There’s SO MANY mistakes and just plain fiction in TV and movies that are there only because the general public doesn’t know any better and it’s easy to just do a *handwave MAGIC this works* kind of thing.

I’ve legit had people give me shit for telling them “no, computers don’t work that way.”

The bestest part is when they ditch me, go to another tech person, try to get what they want, then come crawling back and try to get me to do the original thing for them all while acting like they never gave me shit.