How can prune juice and plum juice both exist

Prune juice is what happens when you ruin plum juice.

(Actually, prune juice is made by boiling pitted prunes and straining the result to get some of the solids out. Plum juice is squeezed plums.)

a prune is just a DRY PLUM how is prune juice not just plum juice from concentrate  

like you take a plum and take all the water out and then you put all the water back in and this seems highly unnecessary 

Well, yes, but cooking something by boiling it does change it in significant ways. There’s a difference between the stuff that drips out of a chicken when raw and chicken soup. (Or better, tomato juice and tomato soup.) Really, prune juice could be considered a cold soup. If you want to get didactic. (Let’s not even think about tomatoes are really berries, honestly, humans are just weird about food.)

I’ve also never had plum juice. Maybe it sucks. Anyway, 120 years ago you could only have plum juice in season but prunes keep so I guess you could have it any time of year?

But not being a fan of prune juice, I’m not gonna fight you on ‘highly unnecessary’.

I’m a chemical engineer and can attempt to explain the processes: the process for making prune juice is different from plum juice concentrate. Plum juice concentrate would be made by squeezing the juice from a plum, filtering out the pulp, and then evaporating the remaining juice to remove water till the juice reaches the desired concentration. Prune juice is made by boiling prunes in water and then separating the solid fruit from the liquid by hydraulic press/filtration or centrifuge. Then the juice may go through a concentration process in which (like in the process to make plum juice concentrate) the juice would be evaporated until the desired concentration is achieved. I hope that clarifies some things! 🙂

This is the kind of content I want to see more of!

i just got offered a job by a huge international company

I’m excited and have to gush about this 😀

I’ve been messing around with these spreadsheets for the new POS (cash register/inventory system for the shop) for weeks now, and I tried to ask the project manager (Steve) a few questions about it, but he only wrote back once and it was a vague answer with two options that didn’t even fit with the way we sell our products.

So for the last three weeks I’ve been working my way around that. We can’t do several things we need to do with this new system, so I came up with several workarounds so we can still do what we need within the parameters of this new system.

The tech guy (Mike) called today to finalize the plans for setting up the hardware, which was scheduled for today.

I asked him the questions Steve hadn’t really answered me on, and Mike was like… uhm… Steve didn’t help you? So we get to talking, and apparently Steve didn’t FEEL like showing me how to do it because it’s more complicated than the basic setup, so he just let me fumble around.

Not only did I waste two weeks (out of three) doing things I didn’t need to do, but Mike asked me why I did several things that he saw in the spreadsheet. I said because the system didn’t have an option that we needed, so I created a workaround.

Mike was quiet for a moment (and this guy is a talker) and he just goes “so you’re telling me that Steve set you up on a system that wasn’t meant for your shop, then didn’t tell you how to do any of this, and then he didn’t even give you the ability to do *the thing* and you made this workaround yourself? That’s impossible! You… You did something to the system that should be impossible and you forced this system to do it anyway!!”

I figured he was pissed (I suck at reading people over the phone), but then he just started laughing and I’m like whuh??!

So then he says, “I”m offering to hire you right now, and you’d not only get a salary, but you’d get a start-up/signing bonus.”

I kinda sat there for a moment confused. “But I thought you said I did something the system shouldn’t do.”

“Yeah, Steve had you under the wrong category of business AND didn’t enable any of the features that should’ve allowed you to do what you did, but you made the system do it anyway. Steve is an Excel spreadsheet
expert, I’m a program coding expert, and Steve has been
trying to do stuff like this for years and never was able to do it. You not only did a workaround on the spreadsheet, you manipulated our program, so you must be good at both. You could almost name your own salary. You said you’ve been coding since you were a teenager, right? Yeah, we’d kill to have you.”

I told him I’d think about it, and I’m kinda still blown away. This is the company behind a lot of big programs used all over the world in everything from financial institutions to small business and even personal computers. They also power a lot of the POS/cash register/inventory systems in large and small businesses. All those programs go by different brand names, but this is the company behind a lot of those brand names.

And even though Mike does this all the time (he recently coded a cigar retail store with over 100,000 different cigar types), he was asking me how to do things in the program that he’s worked with for years and kept joking that Steve definitely wouldn’t have a job anymore if they hired me.

He even asked if I’d consider just writing the coding for workarounds and other things on an independent contractor basis, so I would be working for myself, and they’d give me projects, then buy those projects from me.

Mike apologized for Steve not helping me and “wasting your time and money” so he unlocked a bunch more features that would’ve cost us almost $500 more a month, but we have them for free!

He also grumbled about the fact I’m using opensource programs and said he’s going to send me product keys so I can have the paid professional products under a commercial license, all because he felt really bad that Steve wasted my time and was lazy.

I doubt I’ll actually take the job, but I wanted to share because I feel kinda cool at the moment 🙂