a message to young people;

when you start understanding how unfair the world is, and adults around you shrug it all off and tell you ‘thats the way it is’ ‘thats how its gotta be’ and you get very very mad and just wish everything was on fire?

thats valid

never let go of that feeling. use the fire to fuel a journey to change the world.

All generations feel this, and it’s fueled some of the best things: rights for people that didn’t have them before, positive changes, and furthering of services/sciences/technology.

The problem is, as other generations get older, they get beaten down by everything, tired, and they don’t have that youthful energy they once had to fight all the horrible shit. That’s why younger generations think older ones don’t care, but it’s not true.

There’s always people who don’t care or make things worse, but those people don’t speak for entire generations. Older generations were told “that’s how it’s gotta be” too and they didn’t stand for it.

And remember that even though the older ones can’t get up and march anymore, they’re on the sidelines cheering for you, and they hope you change the world for the better.

That right there ^ was said by my 63-year-old hippie mom (yup she’s of the baby boomer generation) who burned her bra in the 70s and has always been an activist in some way or another for LGBT+ rights, but has a hard time getting out anymore because of seizures, cancer, and a bad back.