I’m so sick of people telling me that I’m wearing a Supergirl shirt because I’m a woman, it doesn’t matter that it’s a superman shirt because I am a woman so it has to be supergirl.


I couldn’t be wolverine because I was a girl.

I couldn’t like trains because I was a girl.

I couldn’t play in the dirt and roll in the grass because I was a girl.

I couldn’t like tom and jerry because I was a girl.

I couldn’t like Batman because I was a girl.

I can’t be serious about my love for superheros or my love for graphic novels because I was a girl and mpw a woman

Shut up! I’ve survived a ugly life and come out the other side and if you think for a second I’m going to let you tell me I’m batgirl or Supergirl just because I’m a woman wearing a ‘mans’ brand then ima just suit up and bat!fight you.

I’ll bet the bat!fam would cheer me on too.


Nothing instills me with such rage as how fucking gendered the kids birthday card section is. Like what the fuck leg me buy a dinosaur card that doesn’t have boy stamped all over it.

As awful as my dad is now, he was super thoughtful and a really great dad before his mom died when I was 8 years old.

One of the things that carried over from back then was this thing he does with greeting cards.  He still does it with mom’s anniversary cards, and while you might think it’s a tacky thing to do, the whole family actually thinks it’s really sweet.

He finds a card he likes and that fits the intended person regardless of what it says, then just crosses out the things he doesn’t like and writes in his own stuff.

So I have all these dinosaur and race car and superhero and “boy’s” cards from when I was a kid where he just scratched out the “son” or “boy” or “he” and put in “daughter” and “girl” and “she.”

My friends thought it was stupid and cheap, but their fathers just walked into a store, picked up a random card, and handed it to their kids without knowing or caring what the kid was interested in. My dad took the time to listen to what I liked as a kid and picked out my favorite things, then edited cards.

I know it’s not a fix, and there really should be greeting cards out there that are either gender neutral or that realize girls’ and boys’ interests overlap.

One of my favorites was from my early 20s. He bought a Pikachu card with Pikachu mid zap and crossed out the age (I think it was like 10 or something), put mine instead, and changed the pronouns – all because he saw I had a Pikachu keychain 😀