Gender Neutral Aro!Soulmate AU

“I don’t really know how to tell you this,” eyes narrowing nervously, “but I just don’t feel like cuddling.”

A small gasp.  "You don’t?“

A wince as they shift from foot to foot.  "No.”

“Neither do I!”  Voice a little too loud as they bounce on the balls of their feet, excitement written all over their face.

Relief, body relaxing, a hopeful smile.  "And I don’t want you to buy me flowers.  Ever.“

A tiny grin that’s getting bigger by the second, wrapping their arms around this person who’s becoming more and more appealing.  Lips brushing against skin.  "Don’t even think of come up with cute pet names for me.”

A moan.  A shiver.  Getting turned on.  "I just want to fuck.  I want to fuck and then roll over and fall asleep.“

"Hell yeah.”  A hand cupping between legs.  "And I want to watch movies with you, maybe go to a baseball game or the fair next time it’s in town.“

"Fuck yes.”  Clothes coming off, hands shoving the other toward the bed.  "And there’s a tattoo convention coming next week.  I want you to go with me.“

"We’re going to be the bestest best friends,” whispered against skin as they grind against one another.

“The best.”